NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement


The North American Free Trade Agreement (short for NAFTA by Abbreviationfinder) was signed by the leaders of: Canada, Mexico and the USA on October 7, 1992, but only came into force on January 1, 1994 after a troubled confirmation process by part of the USA, where xenophobia, ethnocentrism and prejudice from certain political sectors offer formidable obstacles. NAFTA has created a free trade zone in which tariffs and certain other…

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City life and sports celebration in Vancouver


Vancouver is one of the largest and liveliest cities in huge Canada. In the heart of the city center, you can enjoy the offer of cafés and museums. The nature surrounding the city offers opportunities for a wide range of activities, whether you enjoy skiing or photography. VANCOUVER AS A TRAVEL DESTINATION A big city close to nature Vancouver, the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics, is located on…

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