Yakhroma, Russia

According to beautypically, Yakhroma is located 46 km north of Moscow. The city is located on the slopes of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya ridge, this is a great place in terms of ecology. The terrain and clean air have become the main factors for the formation of several sports and entertainment parks.

In the Yakhroma park, the height difference is 60 m, there are 9 ski slopes, cross-country skiing tracks, 4 drag lifts and a lift for children, a ski school. All trails are well lit for night skiing. For snowboarders, there is a snowboard park and a halfpipe. Vacationers can stay in a hotel or cottages.

On the slopes of the Klin-Dmitrovsky ridge, the Volen park was also opened not so long ago. The height difference within the park is 70 m. You can ride on 13 tracks, the longest of which is 450 m, and in the snowboard park. 7 ski lifts and 3 ski lifts for children deliver vacationers to the slopes. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, here you can have a great time on the ice rink, toboggan run and on 3 tubing tracks (sloping, hilly and with turns). In “Volen” tourists are offered a hotel complex with 59 rooms, 12 Russian houses, 4 Russian houses with a sauna and 9 Finnish houses. Here you can relax not only in winter, but also in summer. Fans of outdoor activities will definitely like the crazy Toboggan – a rail track with turns and turns, similar to a roller coaster, along which special carts move, accelerating due to the own weight of riders. In addition, there is a rental of roller skates, bicycles, prepared bike trails, a mini-golf course, go-carts, tennis courts, an open-air swimming pool with an area of 360 sq. m with heated water, opportunities for paintball and horseback riding.

The Sorochany park is very popular in the northern part of the Moscow region. The slopes here are equipped with an artificial snowmaking system, so you can ski during thaws or in winters with little snow. The height difference within the resort is 90 m, 11 pistes are open, with a total length of more than 5 km, the longest piste is 859 m, 5 lifts and 1 tubing lift.

Each of these parks has a wide range of ski and snowboard equipment in a full range of sizes and sizes, including for the smallest skiers (from 3-4 years old). Protective helmets are provided for children and teenagers. The rentals have left-luggage offices for shoes and clothes.

Yuryev-Polsky, Vladimirskaya oblast (Russia)

Yuryev-Polsky is located 68 km northwest of Vladimir and is part of the Golden Ring of Russia.

The city was founded in 1152 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky and was named after its founder. Under the prince, a powerful fortress was erected here, which was surrounded by earthen ramparts. In 1212 Yuryev-Polsky became the capital of a specific principality. Until the 14th century, the city was periodically attacked by the Mongol-Tatars, and in 1340 it became part of the Moscow principality. In the 15th century, Yuryev-Polsky was transferred to the rule of the Lithuanian prince Svidrigailo, and in the 16th century it was ruled by the Astrakhan Khan Kaibula, who helped Ivan the Terrible in the fight against Livonia. During the Time of Troubles Yuryev-Polsky was burned by the Poles, but by the end of the 17th century it was restored. Since then, the commercial and industrial rise of the city began, because it was favorably located on the trade route from Moscow to the Suzdal lands. Since the 18th century, the production of yarn and fabrics has been developing in Yuryev-Polsky.

Now Yuryev-Polsky is a small provincial town with a rich historical past, which is reflected in its architecture. The remains of defensive earthen ramparts have survived to this day, their height reaches 7 m. The main attractions of Yuryev-Polsky are located inside the ring of ramparts. The main attraction of the city is St. George’s Cathedral.. The cathedral was erected under Prince Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich in the Byzantine style in 1234. After the collapse of the church vault in the 15th century, it was rebuilt. The remains of the walls of St. George’s Cathedral of 1234 with white stone carvings have survived to this day. It is believed that the builders of the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow took the reliefs of St. George’s Cathedral as the basis for their compositions. The tomb of Prince Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich is located in the Cathedral.

In the Old Town of Yuryev-Polsky, the complex of buildings of the Mikhailo-Arkhangelsk Monastery is also interesting.. The original buildings of the complex date back to the 13th century, but they have hardly survived to this day. Mikhailo-Arkhangelsky Monastery was restored in the 17th-18th century. Now here you can see the Church of the Archangel Michael (1772-1806), the Church of the Sign (1625), the Gate Theological Church (1674), the wooden St. George Church (1718), the bell tower (1683) and, of course, the main temple of the complex – five-domed Mikhailo-Arkhangelsky Cathedral (1792-1809). The village of Sima is located

25 km from Yuryev-Polsky.. The house-estate of the princes Golitsins has been preserved here. The estate consists of the main house, two outbuildings and the church of Dmitry Solunsky (1775). In the Golitsyn estate in 1812, the famous commander P.I. Bagration. Now a monument has been erected at the place of his burial, but there is no ashes under it, since it was transported to the Borodino field. Not far from here is the village of Gorodishche, where in 1216 the Lipitsk battle of the Rostov-Novgorod and Vladimir-Suzdal troops took place. 22 km from Yuryev-Polsky is the village of Ratislovo with the Apraksin estate.

Yakhroma, Russia