What Is the Difference between Pin-Stripe Pinstripe and a Chalk Stripe?

What Is the Difference between Pin-Stripe Pinstripe and a Chalk Stripe

In Brazil we call all of the pinstriped, but in English-speaking countries there is a difference between these thin stripes that make up the patterns seen in the tissues commonly used in tailoring, and that may confuse some people at the time of buying any item of clothing in the outdoor or when you acquire some product in the stores whose products description is in the language of the queen, even I have already been asked several times about this by the readers of Channel Male, so I think it’s worth explaining:

What Is the Difference between Pin-Stripe Pinstripe and a Chalk Stripe

Pinstriped or Chalk Stripe

Is the fabric with rlures very thin and slightly failed, often in a color that does not give much contrast with the background of the suit, making this standard very discreet. Of course there are exceptions, often the pin-stripe comes with a lot of contrast, but really seems to be a risk done with chalk, not enough to be so glaring as the pinstripe.


Pinstripe or fine stripe

This is the fabric whose stripes are very thin, but without fail, unlike the chalk stripe. Often appears contrasting strongly with the background, be it light or dark, but it is nevertheless to be considered a stylish pattern and appears to be very attached to the suits of the italians, in part because of the image that Hollywood has created of the mafia in popular imagination. ;


How to Use PinStripe and Chalk Stripe

This kind of striped pattern is not well only in suits or costumes, can work wonderfully in bermuda (tailoring or chinos), shirts, pants and vests, giving always a professional air to the clothes more aligned and, for this reason, marking a constant presence in the environment of formal work. Already in the casual look is cool, mix with the most stripped down, such as t-shirt and sneakers, as the contrast of styles creates an interesting visual.

The most common color for the pinstripe and chalk stripe are navy, black, graphite, indigo, and brown overlaid by the white stripes or in a tone a little lighter than the background, but it is also possible to find options with the background beige, medium gray, light gray and light blue with streaks of a multitude of colors.

We’ll talk more in detail about the combinations of parts with pinstriped in another opportunity.


The letter of I did is a great way to lengthen the silhouette, so if you have short stature or walked abusing food and is several pounds more, you can use the pinstripe or chalk stripe to make it appear that you are taller and slim.