Walt Disney Launches a Collection of Wedding Dresses

If the illusion of your life is to marry a Princess, your dream can be already made reality with the line of wedding dresses that the company offers Walt Disney, existing in based on their popular fairy tales. The designs, inspired by the popular princesses of Cinderella o The sleeping beauty, they are part of this new collection featuring a total of 34 models, designed by designer Kristie Kelly.

In addition to classical models, within the term “Princess”, the collection also includes a costume based on the yellow tulle wearing Belle in Beauty and the beast (last photo) and even some in shades of red. In general, they are not bad, but there are no snotty too.

This time we can say that the Princess bridal gowns prices are inexpensive and are within the reach of everyone, since their prices range between the 1,100 to 2,200 euros, a much lower price to design and high dresses Couture.

A curious fact is that the interest of Disney This collection is not by chance, since annually there are 2,000 double links that are held in their parks in the United States, either in Walt Disney World or Disneyland, Paris, or in their cruisers. Amazing, really?