Video: This Is Jane Wayne for DIESEL #Skinzee “Friendship“

I’ve decided to write a letter instead of searching for a suitable description. Because actually, I find the moving images need at all for any further explanation. In the video we shot for diesel, it is namely above all to a great friendship.

Love Sarah Jane,
I sit here before my laptop, the only constant companion, I see more often than you. I see us one day in the summer, what girlfriends so do, if not a cloud in the sky and does the job for a day break. “The Orange girl” we bought on the same day. And sometimes, if we no longer believe in love, then we read before us today that. If nothing goes, we keep us on the hands. The two of us against the rest of the world. For 16 years.

The first four years of basic school we had to do without each other, because our classes could not really suffer. On the first day at high school, it was Mrs Hedtstuck Kloos, which dropped us off after all but side by side. The Fox! I wrote „ best friends 4-ever “ on your Ledermappchen, you have pasted photos of us in your poetry album and decorated with fluffy stickers. When you had to break for the first time from too much champagne, it met my pajama pants. Our belly button piercings to testify the same goofy. We were Lottie.

Called us sometimes that „ diesel girls “; anyway, the guys did two steps above us. Because nothing else for us in the bag came. For months was saved on the latest model – with 16. Until we were bigger and eventually forgot our favorite pants. New city, new customs, new fashion. Then came the first call from our former favorite jeans brand, we had a little laugh about ourselves. It may but now was not his. Would you the pubescent Gabriel told the by then, we would be shot vertically from the schoolyard-Bank.

Now a small dream has become so true. And best of all it: we were able to decide what we make out of all that stuff. The result: A mood film that stands for that is more important than all the gold in the world: girlfriends, you can count on. No matter what happens. Should we argue us ever again, I will tell maybe for once nothing to – but send you with just this link which then reminds you that I love you. And remember that all other cares schnurz beep is.

(INDEM clip tragen WIR die neuen diesel “Skinzee“, von denen WIR Euch bereits in der preview erzählten.) And without having to fib, we can say at this point: first class, these pants – because my flat-Po suddenly no longer looks like a flat butt. And stretch the legs, without magic)

In friendly cooperation with diesel.

Thousand thanks to diesel, to the dearest readers of the world, thanks to Marcus Werner, the best filmmaker of the planet, thank greatest Sylvie Weber you and thank you, summer! Please do not go away.