Trends Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010: Fancy Tights

Among the essential purchases for this autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 included some fantasy stockings, adorned with details like small polka dots, lace, drawings or Crystal stockings. A purchase that can change your look completely, making more sophisticated a style with skirt or dress with a small investment.

The fashion Vogue Paris editorials, fashion shows, the ad of the shops and the personal styles of the different web pages have been launched with decision to the new trend. You don’t have to go to the baroque of stockings with inlays of precious stones (beautiful, but difficult to carry in our day to day).

If in previous years color stockings have succeeded (continue to do so this year), this season there are more options even among those that choose. The stockings with polka dots they are very cosy and have been chosen by Balenciaga and Ruffian for your parade.

The problem with these socks is that they tend to “fatten” the leg, so you have to choose the simpler if we have not been the nature of legs worthy of a model equipped with.

In the parade of Luella were the half glass, following the trend of glamour and glitter It marks the return of the disco look of the 80s, the sequins and the lame.

The more pantyhose sexy they are without a doubt which reach to almost groin (even more sexy if they are accompanied by garter), rather than be unsightly panties that destroy any nude.

This trend of decorated stockings comes from Marvel clothing fashion as shorts and miniskirts cortisimas.

And the look can range from the most Chic and elegant even the more destroyer, remembering the time 90s grunge, If we accompany Dr. Martens boots stockings. So you have no excuse, any that is your style to fall into the temptation of stockings.