Trend: The sock. Or: Trends Make Me Mad.

I am currently a little trend tired, or maybe even trend bored. Lace, transparency, boxy shape – surprise that, in any case, if we limit ourselves to all portable. I see a Yes that such trends are of course strongly thought further, that remains hardly anything like the past few seasons, and whether only a new twist in the overall outfit, which ensures fresh air through a different combination than in the previous year. There are of course: the above trends. As FAT checks or casual ideas. But it’s not just since yesterday.

For me, this is a single mess. There’s a beginning and no end. Never know who actually has begun. Whether what is happening on the catwalks is really forward-looking, as the crowds before the shows on the road. And right there you can see then even things that are funny or bizarre. The fun. But whether that is equivalent with the adjective “beautiful“?

Sometimes driving makes me even a little scared. Anders look, no matter how stupid the whole thing is in the end. And then I come to the point where I must pinch me. “Fashion should be fun“. Oh right. But as only, if it’s every man, in the at leastaber, or suitable dressed to be? Questions.

In this place I promise, by the way, that we will continue our trend-special soon, maybe I need to look simply in detail after the enlightenment. Now’s but once to socks. To play a major role, namely for a long time. High heels and socks? No opponents. Birkenstocks with SOCKS? Clear. The latest darling of the fashion scene: Tennissochen! The thing with the trend makes sense suddenly again:

Prada sheweth in the last year the ulrimative collection as a tribute to the posh sports “tennis”. Editorials were apt to wimbledon also full of little clues. V-necks, dress – all this. The logical logical: tennis is in, so we carry now all wristbands and thick, white, sweat-wicking… Socks. HOW it works:. From the street to the runway!

But: we do with?