Trend SS 2014 Kenzo & Acne – Inspired by the Sea

Small sailboats, fishing hats, blue/white stripe, yellow upper parts, resembling Friesennerze, fish motifs, sailor uniforms and wavy cut-outs – it is obvious that both Kenzo and acne for their SS 2014 have inspired collections from the sea can be – the same topic however does not mean that everything is the same: thanks to totally different focus, succeed also different implementations.

No. FISH No. NOTHING – or: Kenzo calls more attention to the problem of overfishing. The designer Carol Lim and Humberto Leon solve not only the Tiger-print as well as the year’s eye pattern with their fish-print, but even political: stop overfishing! And how is reflected that in her collection? Power-shaped lines that remember to water and to the end of the presentation by blue to Crimson color, sunglasses, which recall and no longer obscure our view of underwater diving goggles and silhouettes, which oscillate between remote body and figure-flattering.

Kenzo SS 2014

Yes and also for Acne’ s by the sea – however no political barrel is opened in Sweden, instead looking towards the beginning. The topic is “Till Havs“, a Scandinavian poem, which has included designer Jonny Johansson as inspiration for his Swedish summer. Fishing hats look at acne instead of embarrassing simply just cute, classic two piece crosses the sailboats-print, cut-outs are available for shaft and make primarily on pants wide and the color palette is quite typical bathed in Mariner colours: Navy Blue, night white and brilliant yellow.

Acne SS 2014

Makes acne’s neatly and sailor faithful, uniforms can be revived and she heaves into everyday life, much more subtle confronted us during Kenzo with Lake and towards us with raised index finger is!

#Seapunk only in ultra natural and „ back to the roots “? The marine-themed celebrates a timid comeback for a long time and could do it now fully next summer. Any objections, gentlemen?

All images can be found at our site – Kenzo and acne.