Travel on Your Own in The Cook Islands

Get off to a good start on your trip to the Cook Islands. We arrange flights and the first nights at Rarotonga before setting off on your own adventures. We make it easy to experience the most beautiful islands in the South Sea on your own – if you want, we of course book all accommodation and transport as well!

Best travel period

You can travel to the Cook Islands all year round. In general, however, the best time is between May and October when it rains less and the temperature is milder.

Detailed itinerary

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Day 1 Departure from Scandinavia

When you travel to the Cook Islands, you make a stopover on the way and it is possible to make several stops in e.g. Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Auckland, Doha, Tokyo or Los Angeles. Many choose to combine the Cook Islands with New Zealand. Check with your Travel Consultant what would work best for you.

Day 2. Arrival in Rarotonga

At the airport you can easily take a taxi to your hotel which is booked for 2 nights.

Day 3. On your own at Rarotonga

You have the whole day on your own to explore Rarotonga on. Rent a bike, go to the market, swim in the turquoise blue sea and enjoy the sand, beach and sun.

Day 4. Departure or continued adventure on the Cook Islands?

Either you leave Rarotonga or you continue on further adventures. We are happy to book more days here or why not continue to Aitutaki – we will help you with the adventure among the Cook Islands’ many islands. The Cook Islands are a small archipelago out in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 15 islands of which 12 are inhabited. On the main island of Rarotonga you will find the capital Avaru where the big market Punanga Nui Market is held every Saturday. Here you will find everything from delicious coconut marinated Iki to bandanas for your dog. Everything interspersed with fun people and dancing on stage if you are lucky. About 15,000 people live here in the Cook Islands and 11,000 of them live in Rarotonga. The island is 32 kilometers in circumference so it is easy to explore both by bike or car. Inland, it is mountainous with jungle and waterfalls. Most of the island is surrounded by coral reefs and beautiful lagoons with opportunities for snorkeling and diving. One of the greatest experiences is to visit the Sunday service together with the locals – to finely dressed singing hymns together with half of Rarotonga is an experience of a lifetime. We organize trips to basically all the Cook Islands, so if you dream of also visiting Aitu, Mauke, Mitiaro, Manihiki or Mangaia, we can help you with that.

Overnight stays

Two nights in a simple tourist class hotel

Travel on Your Own in The Cook Islands