The Sensuality of Scarlett Johansson Conquest Vogue Paris

I don’t know that they’ll think Dolce & Gabbana holder of Carine Roitfeld: “ Scarlett, l ’ anti Marilyn ”. Although she provided to evidence, whatever it is. And that is it. The question is that something is happening in the bowels of the fashionable when two of the most influential editors decide to take their covers of April two voluptuous women: in Vogue USA are the curves of Beyonce that welcome spring, in Vogue Paris they are the bumps of Scarlett Johansson that capture our attention.

That Yes, each with his particular sense of aesthetics, and if Wintour bet by chic without risk, Carine takes out all his weaponry challenge Johansson, transforming that little is needed to show their sexy side, in a pin-up’s intense gaze and gesture insinuante.

Accustomed to robotic aesthetics and icy models, the heat emanating Scarlett I do not know if it is a turning point cyclical, what do raging competition, or the beginning of a beautiful friendship between vanguard and real woman.

Ah, and if before it did not quite convince me its new look, now it seems to me that brown color I feel phenomenal.