The Real Animal Print, Publishing with Naomi Campbell in Africa

It is confirmed, in case anyone doubted what printing was going to dominate this season, This editorial shows the commitment of the prestigious magazine Harper’s Bazaar for the next few months, and is none other than the animal print.

So they decided to move to Africa with the supermodel that has best withstood the generation of the 90s, Naomi Campbell; Linda evangelist has endured but most irregular way opposite the first. “Britain is the perfect choice to represent the title of the editorial:”Wild Things”.

In the photographs of Jean-Paul Goude, prestigious French artist and related editorial since in the 80s made one similar with Grace Jones and titled it the same way, we see how Naomi Campbell shares the limelight with various wild animals, like the Cheetah, an elephant or a crocodile. I do not know very well how they have managed to carry out such images, but they are spectacular.

For those who left us a question of if it would succeed or not the animal print, I see the strength that is going from the publishing scene. For me, it will remain a very recommended option, for very rare occasions.

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