The Most Surreal Editorial of 2009 with Claudia Schiffer

East 2009 has been a good year in the face of the publishing scene, with special well kept and who will be remembered (Lara Stone for Vogue Paris, or the flu, among others). To these must be added the most surreal of the year starred by Claudia Schiffer.

The German model is put under the command of the photographer Erwin Wurm for the German edition of Vogue you start the game of magic and illusion.

Pigs as hats, bodies in the air between two armchairs, lemons in the center of the image, incomprehensible compositions by chairs lying on the shoulders, pens between the toes, dishes on top of head…

And the biggest surprise: an endured broom in the air with his buttocks. Seeing is believing. “But thanks to this visual fantasy and this different vision of the world of fashion and magazines, the editorial”Kunst Pausent”, coming to say”breaks art”, will be remembered.

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