Beach paradises in the east of the island

The sea shimmers from turquoise blue to emerald green in front of the magical beaches of Mauritius. With the blaze of color, it is often difficult to decide which beach to explore next, after all, you don’t want to miss anything. The icing on the cake among the beach paradises on Mauritius is what I present to you today in my travel magazine.

Today I have the honor to introduce you to the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius . However, with such a dream island, which is lined with crystal clear bathing bays and long, pearly white sandy beaches, you are really spoiled for choice. Admittedly, the beaches all have the potential to become your absolute favorite place. Due to the offshore reef, the sea is mostly calm, because the waves break far off the island: perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving!

You have dreamed of the perfect beach for so long and suddenly you are standing with your feet in the soft sand and gentle waves tickle your toes. Palm- lined promenades and lush green forests that transform the towering rocks into a picture-perfect backdrop . Such beaches can be found all over the island, both in the north and in the south or west of Mauritius’ breathtaking coast. No matter in which direction, you are never far from your next dream beach, we promise! So that you get a good overview of where you can find the most beautiful beaches, I have summarized the highlights for you.

Beach paradises in the north of the island

Grand Baie Main Beach

The most famous vacation spot in the north of Mauritius is Grand Baie. Right in the center of this tourist stronghold is the beach of the same name, which I would like to introduce to you first. Because when you have found great accommodation in the place, this is usually your first port of call. Although Grand Baie is not perfect for swimming because many boats moor here or start their tour, it is still beautiful and maybe you would like to take a boat tour yourself? From many hotel complexes you can also stroll comfortably to the beach and in between strolling into the city, enjoy a cocktail or treat yourself to a snack. Gorgeous!

Mont Choisy Beach

Just four kilometers from the lively holiday resort, you will find another beach, which for Mauritius lovers is one of the most beautiful on the island. Three kilometers of the finest sandy beach, crystal clear and turquoise shining water – I could endure here all day. Find a shady spot under the many Filao trees and forget about the rest of the world, because you have now really arrived in paradise and there is nothing here but sun, beach and sea. Time to be happy and relax .

Trou aux Biches beach

Another contender for the title for the most beautiful beach in Mauritius, perhaps even in the Indian Ocean, is Trou aux Biches Beach. A white, seemingly endless, fine sandy beach, along which the coconut palms are lined up and provide the ultimate holiday photo.

Listen to the gentle sound of the sea and take a little nap before going on the next snorkeling tour. The wide and colorful coral reef is only 250 meters from the beach, so just a few flippers away. For longer underwater excursions, you can visit one of the many diving schools on the beach, which will happily write your name on the list for the next dive. Of course, beginners are always welcome, because who was born to be a professional diver? Are you tired of splashing around in the crystal clear water? Then watch as the day draws to a close and the setting sun bathes the beach in a golden light before sinking into the Indian Ocean.

The most beautiful beaches in the west of Mauritius

The most beautiful beaches in the west of Mauritius

Flic en Flac

There are beaches in Mauritius like a dime a dozen, so it’s no wonder that the west also has a spectacular selection to offer. Eight kilometers long, white sand, turquoise blue sea – that is probably the profile of this beautiful and very long sandy beach. On the horizon you can see the colorful sails of the windsurfers flying and if you turn your head to the south, you can already see the famous Table Mountain in the distance. Flic en Flac is a quiet beach that is particularly appreciated by the locals. It’s quieter here and you can always find a nice, shady spot.

Le Morne – bathing in front of a breathtaking backdrop

Le Morne - bathing in front of a breathtaking backdrop

When you think of Mauritius, the first thing that comes to mind are the beautiful beaches and the striking and densely overgrown peaks. You’ll find both on Le Morne beach! In addition, you are right at the foot of the famous Table Mountain, which you might have been able to admire on the approach. Before that, the mystical underwater waterfalls open up, one of the most fascinating natural spectacles on the island. And it is against this backdrop that you will find the spectacular Le Morne beach. Look at the endless Indian Ocean, whose crystal clear water sparkles through the sun’s rays and shines in various shades of blue. Le Morne is a real paradise for kite and windsurfers from all over the world. Watch as they race across the water and perform their tricks. Enjoy the exuberant atmosphere and enjoy the delicious street food, because Mauritius is a real paradise for gourmets.

Surfing on Tamarin Beach

If your heart beats for surfing, then prick up your ears: Tamarin Beach is a popular meeting place for many surfers . According to animalerts, the waves are particularly high in the winter months from June to September. Once you stand on the board, you can enjoy the fabulous view of the striking rock peaks. Those who prefer to keep solid ground under their feet can take a long walk on the beach and look out for dolphins , which seem to be particularly comfortable in front of Tamarin Beach.

Mauritius south

Gris Gris

The south shows you a completely different side of the holiday island. In contrast to the north or the west coast, the beaches here are really rougher and the waves beat against the steep rocks. You won’t find a bathing paradise here, but this little spot on Mauritius is also beautiful. Because on the many long sandy beaches with shallow turquoise water, you completely forget that Mauritius is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The beach Gris Gris shows the true power of the ocean , the waves are raging and the wind whistles around the cliffs. This unbridled character and the wide view of the endless sea is sometimes the most beautiful thing, isn’t it? The world seems so small and all worries are forgotten.

St. Félix

Do you want to discover more beaches in the south of Mauritius? A rather unknown beach is St. Felix, which stretches for one and a half kilometers between the towns of Suriname and Souillac. In summer, food stands with lots of delicacies await the hungry beach visitors . If you need refreshment, keep an eye on the current. The St. Felix is ​​perfect for relaxing, but swimming is not recommended. Sometimes you see small groups of riders trotting along the beach with their horses and enjoying the delightful view.

The most beautiful beaches in the east of the dream island

Belle Mare

With its almost five kilometers in length, the beach of Belle Mare is one of the largest on the entire island. Located on the quieter east coast, you will find beach paradises far away from large tourist facilities. Here you will experience the original Mauritius from its most beautiful side . There are only a few fishing villages and a few scattered hotels on this side of the island. If I just pointed out the beautiful sunsets on the west coast, the same spectacle awaits you at sunrise in the east of the African dream island. It is really worth getting up early, because no day can start better.

Ile aux Cerfs

Do you think you have already seen all the dream beaches? But then you did the math without the magical island of Île aux Cerfs. This pretty island is completely uninhabited and day-trippers are regularly speechless. I also find it difficult to summarize this beauty in a few sentences, which is why I have even dedicated a separate article in my travel magazine to the island dream Île aux Cerfs . Check it out, it’s worth it.

Blue Bay

This lagoon really knows how to inspire. The beach slopes gently into the water, the sea shimmers in innumerable bluish shades. Do a few vigorous swimming strokes and you’re right in the middle of a colorful school of fish. The coral reef of Blue Bay is still completely intact and a real highlight with its unique underwater landscape. Organized diving tours are also offered here, you can even take a walk underwater wearing a kind of giant diving helmet.

Welcome to Paradise

When I think of the beaches in Mauritius, I quickly fall into raptures. Who doesn’t want to dive straight into the turquoise blue sea and relax on one of the many dream beaches. That you will find beautiful beaches all over the island should have become clear to you after my article at the latest. Do you know another dream beach or a secret bay? Then please write me a comment under this article, I’m curious.

Discover, enjoy and relax

If you long for a change after the many days at the beach, then visit the Black River Gorges National Park, take a city tour to Port Louis or explore the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses. In any case, there is no boredom in paradise!

Beach paradises in the east of the island