The Bracelet More Loving of All, Cartier Love [50 Favourite Spots of Summer]

We speak of fashion and trends every day, we seek more trendy garments at each time and mostly look very carefully all gateways to know what will be the coming season. But despite all this, there is something that I love, something that surely we must have all the garment or accessory that we don’t ever remove. Well because it’s a special gift either because it is timeless but I am sure that everyone will have something so.

Today I wanted to teach what is for me one of the most beautiful bracelets of fine jewellery in the world. It is of the Cartier Love bracelet and found it in thousands of options, white gold, yellow gold, pink… many options for all tastes but my favorite is undoubtedly that is completely gold. Now in summer there is nothing better than wear jewels and pieces of jewellery that we like most since summer clothing allows us more easily.

At first glance it may seem a somewhat serious bracelet, engagement or simply for more mature people but again here are the hippest bloggers to dispel these topics. Some of the most influential bloggers in the world such as Chiara Ferragni y Song of Style not removed her Cartier Love bracelet in any of their outfit, as well as the editor Miroslava Duma that it will not hesitate to pose with it in all the photocall.

Its approximate price is of EUR 5000 Although it varies depending on the options you choose bracelet. It has today become a bracelet so famous that you can already find some inspired by them, which are also cute but the quality and reliability of the French jewelry are unmatched.

I simply would you take it as an inspiration, it does not need to be specifically, although it would be perfect. The fact is, pick up a bracelet that you like to get daily, that combined with any look and any extra bracelet. Do not hesitate to ask your mother for sure having saved jewels that will become the authentic stylish charms for you.