The Big Trend Special – Part II: Blusige Prospects!

(Again) be wearing next summer and it focuses on what details coming soon if you are than ever to ’ s care fashion dictates, special learn our trend. In the second part of our series that revolves around the toughest ever green of ever: the blouse. A prodigy that reinvents itself again and again or remains very confident, as it always was. Well, almost.

Who? Alexander Wang, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta, MSGN, mulberry, House of Holland, our site unique, Burberry.

What? Blouses, blouses, blouses. And shirt dresses.

Like? 1. Out of the men’s fashion of the High Street seen segment: two enclosed knobs are sufficient, the rest must Pyramdien shape fall down and allows either Bauchblitzer or layering, d.h: clear view of what lies underneath.
2 stay good, girl! Top buttoned goes still.
3. Insight: or just the opposite: almost been frivolous freely may be next summer.
4. In the distance the force is: it’s all about comfort – Kimonorämel, egg shape or body remote silhouettes allow sufficient space to breathe. Sometimes applies: much helps much fabric.
5. Clear view! Transparencies remain and stay and stay.
6 help dress up: so’s is not too airy under the Pollunder, we help blouse again. Alternatively, the sundress is made autumn-ready by this technique. Do we like.
7 Castle! Keep, just different. Most feather look at the bottom edge.

Colors: all. Favorite but white and pastel tones, strong diamonds and graphic prints.

All images at a glance:

Philip Plein lacoste Lacoste Topshop Unique Marni Jil Sander House of Holland Topshop unique Mulberry _D7Q0008. 450 x 675 _D7Q0094. 450 x 675 BOT_0042. 450 x 675 BUR_5687. 450 x 675 WAN_1737. 450 x 675