Minnesota Demographics


Minnesota is a state located in the Midwestern United States, bordered by Wisconsin to the east, Iowa to the south, and North and South Dakota to the west. The state has a population of approximately 5.6 million people, making it the 22nd most populous state in the country. As of 2019, Minnesota was home to an estimated 5.4 million people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. The largest city in…

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Argyle, Minnesota Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Argyle, Minnesota

According to ablogtophone, Argyle, Minnesota is located in Marshall County and is bordered by several small towns and cities. To the north lies the city of Crookston, which is home to the University of Minnesota-Crookston. Just east of Argyle lies Stephen, a small town that offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities including fishing, hunting, and camping. To the south lies Fosston, a city with plenty to offer visitors including…

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