Stockholm Fashion Week Pictures Of The Day: Cheap Monday Backstage + Show “Hubris “

It’s a little sad that we have managed this year to the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Stockholm – other dates simply made us a line through the Bill. Too bad really, because hardly a fashion week is so relaxed and beautiful as the Swedish.

This should deter but us not, not yet up to date to keep you and thanks to cheap Monday, we are at least today felt very close this, or rather behind the scenes on the road. The Swedish denim brand namely yesterday fix sent us the photos from the backstage area – and which are worth a closer look hair creations thanks to fancy, white makeup and wild definitely:

Backstage: white makeup


Why white eye makeup really so rarely seen? When the runway looks I am anyway, ever so excited that it would be really great pity not to implement that in everyday life: white eyeliner, white mascara and get rid of!

Backstage: the hairstyle

We like velvety and wild’s still on the sweetheart and the professionals at cheap Monday the whole place still the Crown. Favorite hairstyle: The oversized bun of the Lady about us. I like’s?

The show – or what we already do: the shoes!

The theme: hubris. Reminds of snotty youth stages, 90’s and pretty casual times. The idea: The good old hubris, which finds expression law intrusive prints and silhouettes in oversized or rather say it with the words of cheap Monday: „ the collection is confident with to in-your-face aesthetic and kick – attitude ate from the 90 s. Channeling bold artists, „

And what does it look like? So:

Cheap_monday_spring_2014_22 cheap_monday_spring_2014_19 cheap_monday_spring_2014_01 cheap_monday_spring_2014_04 cheap_monday_spring_2014_08-1 cheap_monday_spring_2014_15-1 cheap_monday_spring_2014_16 cheap_monday_spring_2014_18 cheap_monday_spring_2014_28 cheap_monday_spring_2014_30-1

You see here the video of the presentation.