Snoopy Dress The Best Signatures of Haute Couture

Thank you to our partners from Embelezzia I hear about this latest wonder carried out by the world of the Haute Couture on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Snoopy that it will occur in 2010. Nothing more to see it could not help get the smile because it is a monad.

It is one of the most famous cartoon dogs, created by Charles Schulz, who also gave life to his inseparable Charlie Brown, meets a whopping 60 years and marks as Chanel, Hermes or Jean Paul Gaultier they wanted to dress better than ever.

Suits made to measure of the adorable plush that many have had and that continue preserving as one of our most cherished relics. I would have liked to go to Japan, where the collection was exhibited on the occasion of the Japan fashion week.

I love all the designs proposed except one: the of Karl Lagerfeld. What craze has the eccentric German designer to use black without measure. The couple of Snoopys seem the Olsen sisters or daughters of a high representative of certain country.

If I had to choose one of everyone I would be with the of Balenciaga, they are impeccable. I’d like to take me all home.

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