Six Chinos That Man Needs In The Summer Of 2017

Sure, jeans are also very popular in 2017- but there are alternatives. One of them is the Chino. At least one should have man in their own wardrobe, more of course are better. In this review, I take a look at what six chinos (colors) the modern man of today should have in his wardrobe for the summer of 2017.

Six Chinos That Man Needs In The Summer Of 2017

And do not worry, it will not be just six times the classic Beige Chino, even if this is naturally in my selection with at the start. But why chinos? Simply for the reason that these are something like the Swiss pocket knife in your own wardrobe. This makes both sneakers and T-shirt a good figure, as well as in combination with shirt, blazer and a pair of brogues. Provided you have the color-matching variants at the start.

And these six color variations on Chinos (Definitions of Chino:, which you should have in your own wardrobe, I introduce you in the following. Some colors you know for sure and agree directly with me that these are a must-have. With the one or the other color, but I am also fairly certain that you first a little doubt. Who knows…

Beige-The Standard Color

A beige Chino is the must-have in the wardrobe of a man. There is hardly any changeable clothing. This, in combination with T-shirt and sneakers, creates an absolutely casual style. Ideal for leisure and summer. As an alternative to the classic white T-shirt, you can also wear a floral-inspired short-sleeved shirt. One should only ensure that the colors of the shirt are not too glaring.

If you like it a bit more pretentious, it combines the beige Chino with an Oxford shirt, a sweater and a pair of boots. If it is not quite so formal, just leave the sweatshirt off and exchange the boots for a pair of brogues.

For the color of the shirt you should rather fall back on dark colors.Here, colors such as navy blue, Burgundy and dark gray are a good choice. A white shirt would certainly go, but the outfit does not offer a really respectable contrast.

Navy Blue-Not Just On The High Seas A Good Choice

Navy blue Chinos are not just men with thick upper arms, Breton shirts, cap and a bottle of rum in their hands. Quite the opposite, Navy Blue Chinos are beautifully integrated into smart casual looks. The combination with a Breton shirt looks good.

Chinos in navy blue stand for lightness and versatility. For a minimalistic understatement look you combine these with a pair of white sneakers and a white T-shirt. A look that works well in spring as well as summer. Alternatively, a light blue Oxford shirt and the look is more elegant.

For me the absolute best combination of a navy blue chino is however the interplay with a plain, white shirt, a dark, brown leather belt as well as a pair of chic Oxford shoes. The contrast of blue and brown is great and the white shirt blends the dark colors.

Olive Green Can Also Be Worn Outside The Forest

In the case of olive trousers and also chinos, one thinks first of all of army, union and hiding in the forest. But do not worry olive green can also be worn outside these scenarios wonderfully and brings directly a little color into the game. Without catching up with too bright colors or dancing completely out of the line.

It is not easy to combine an olive green chino, at least if you compare it with a beige or navy blue chino. But it can be done. Olive green works perfectly with whites and gray tones, this should be used in the compilation of its outfit. The simplest outfit is certainly the combination with a white or gray T-shirt as well as a pair of neutral, reserved sneakers.

If, however, the military tendency of the hue is to be emphasized, then the decision falls in favor of clothing in khaki- and camel tones. But do not worry, not just casual outfits are possible with such a chino. In combination with a cardigan, blazer or sweater, as well as a pair of dark brown boots, the look comes directly from a modern look.

Gray-The Perfect Base For Stylish Everyday Outfits

If olive green is still connected with outfitted by the army, the connection to the classic, boring office look is close to gray Chinos.But boring in this case is nothing bad. Gray chinos fit perfectly into every skin tone and offer a good basis for a wide range of outfits.The reason for this is that a neutral shade is used as a base with gray.

But even the combination gray-gray can look really good. Here you should pay attention to a gradation of the gray tones and a contrast within this, in order not to make the outfit seem too boring. This is a pair of bright sneakers and good.

You can also combine the gray chino with a light blue button-down shirt or alternatively – if you want to stay in dark colors-put on a black shirt. This compilation gives a very minimalist style. If you want to combine different textures, you can combine them with a jeans jacket.

Black-Always Goes Simple

The black Chino can be compared with the gray Chino well. Both offer a good base for a variety of looks, which can be both smart casual or particularly casual. If you want to wear a chubby chino to work and still appear a little casual, then the combination with a well-fitting t-shirt as well as a blazer in a light used look.

Alternatively, the chino in black can also be worn well with a Mao collar shirt as well as a pair of plain Chelsea boots. Also here the simple appearance of the look convinces. You can certainly go with the classic black and white color combination, which simply always works, since a clear contrast is present.

Pastel-Brings A Little More Color Into The Game

Now it is still a bit more colorful in terms of Chinos. The pastel colors are used, because in the summer these make a good figure.Also, when you combine the pastel colored chino with a little more detail, what you wear. The simplest way to do this is to work with a simple white T-shirt and a pair of casual sneakers.

In general, however, one should avoid bright colors. Because the outfit can be a bit lost. Of course, you do not want to. Sound-in-tone combinations with similar, slightly graded pastel colors work wonderfully. Or you can rely directly on the connection of bright, pastel colored chino and dark top in the same color range. But is certainly taste!