Wales, United Kingdom

According to rrrjewelry, Wales is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Wales is located in the west of the island of Great Britain and is best known for its impressive landscapes interspersed with authentic villages and many castles. Many people make the mistake of equating Wales with England when it really is a country with its own identity. It is no coincidence that it is mainly people from England who visit Wales to get acquainted with the local culture and customs.

Top 10 things to do in Wales

#1. Castles
There are many castles in Wales, including some very romantic ones. Beaumaris Castle can be found in the north of Wales. This is on the Isle of Anglesey. Other beautiful castles are: Caernarfon Castle in Carnarfon, Conwy Castle in Conwy in the north, Harlech Castle in the north west and Cardiff Castle in the Welsh capital of the same name.

#2. St. David’s Cathedral
The beautiful cathedral in the UK’s smallest town was founded in the 12th century in honor of the patron saint David of Wales. As early as 550, only a monastery stood on this site in St. David’s. Later the cathedral and the Bishop’s Place were added. The anniversary of David’s death is still commemorated in Wales on March 1.

#3. Snowdonia National Park
This spacious park is located in the north of Wales. The park is named after the Snowdon mountain in the park, which with its 1085 meters is the highest mountain in Wales. The mountain can be walked, but can also be visited by train. The park is ideal for walkers and cyclists. The beautiful villages in the park such as Betws Y Coed and Beddgelert are a pleasant stop on your tour. The landscape has an interesting variety of mountains, lakes, moors and sandy beaches.

#4. Brecon Beacons National Park
This park with an area of ​​1345 km² contains no less than four mountain ranges: the Black Mountains to the west and east, Fforest Fawr and the Brecon Beacons. In this park, the beautiful varied nature areas consist of grasslands, rugged rocks, waterfalls, caves and wooded gorges. With a guide it is possible to make a tour through the labyrinth of the Dan-yr-Ogof Caves. Horseback riding is one of the possibilities in this park.

#5. Conwy
On the north coast of Wales lies the picturesque village of Conwy. This beautiful historic village quickly gives you the feeling of being ‘back in time’. The village still has its well-preserved castle walls with accompanying 21 towers. Prominently present is of course the eastern castle ‘Conwy Castle’. St. Mary’s Church can be found in the center of the village. It is said that the smallest cottage in Britain can be found in this village. The cottage leans, as it were, against a tower in the castle wall that lies on the quay.

#6. Portmeirion
In the province of Gwynedd, which is located in the north of Wales, you will find the special place of Portmeirion. This rather small place is characterized by the Italian influences that reflect the style of the houses. It was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925-1975, fulfilling a childhood dream. It is not for nothing that this place is used as a backdrop in a number of films. Besides the wonderful atmosphere that hangs in this village, there are a number of attractions such as a statue of Hercules, the Pantheon, the Amis Reunis, Castell Deudraeth, Campanile and the Bristol colonnade.

#7. Cardiff Castle
The stately Grade II listed Cardiff Castle can be found in the Welsh capital of the same name. This huge structure was once a simple Roman fort. Over the years, quite a few adjustments and expansions have taken place, so that nowadays you can get lost. The inside is definitely worth a visit. The Banqueting Hall alone with its imposing wall paintings is a feast for the eyes. Very special is the elevated garden, which is called the ‘Roofgarden’. Complete with a fountain and beautiful flowers and plants, a very romantic atmosphere has been created here.

#8. Big Pit National Coal Museum
There are still coal mines in the town of Blaenavon that are open to visitors. These mines are under the supervision of Big Pit National Coal Museum. After fitting good equipment including a helmet with lamp and ‘rebreather’ which is a kind of breathing set. This purifies the air in an emergency. The tour takes approximately 50 minutes.

#9. Aberglasney Garden
When people talk about the most beautiful gardens in Wales, they really mean the gardens of Aberglasney. In south west Wales near the valley of Tywi Carmarthenshire, the stately Aberglasney House is set amidst wondrous gardens. Because the estate has a long and unclear history, there are still many questions. Many wealthy families have owned this area and have let their creativity loose. This has resulted in a beautiful varied estate with houses, tunnels, porches, a monastery garden, a swimming pool and inspection-maintained pavilions.

#10. Llandudno Cable Car
A special attraction can be found at the popular seaside resort of Llandudno in the north of Wales. Here it is possible to take a ride on the cable car. From the cart you have an amazing view over the entire area. The tour goes from Happy Valley to the top of Great Orme, where the view only gets more beautiful. At Great Orme you can make beautiful walks.

Wales, United Kingdom