Shoes with Architectural Touches That Love All The Bloggers

The architecture is very present in many fashion firms, no doubt many garments have patterns that well would be a great architect. United Nude shoes brand is one of the firms that currently most dyes architecture has in its collection, even recently did a collaboration with one of the architects most important in the world today, Zaha Hadid. This touch of architecture in shoes has become the desire of all the bloggers most important in the country.

Gala Gonz├ílez has not stopped using their sandals inspired by the “Rockefeller Center” of New York building. With a large wedge of white and black and metallic strips, that is how they are one of Sandals more beloved by the Spanish blogger of more impact worldwide. Just wear them with style “boyfriend” jeans as with a miniskirt with black and white Aztec pattern. No doubt this shoe with great architectural touches become fundamental element of each look.

The Dutch firm is composed of two large professional in the world of fashion and footwear. One of its components is the nephew of Koolhaas, known among other things for designing the store of the famous Italian brand Prada. Another of them is belonging to the Clarks family is a firm created from the knowledge of the world of the shoe and fashion.

Great Sandals platform style mirror, multiple materials very different rubbers and leathers and special styles of high heels. Thus they are sandals that are convincing many of the Spanish bloggers, one of the brands of shoes more originals that we find in the market. To my seem particularly shoes very thought and with a great sense of aesthetics that contribute to the looks a great personality.

Is great to find shoes very original is a bit complex so thanks to find shoes like these, with much style and personality and suitable for all budgets. United Nude is possible.

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