Rossy De Palma Brightens Up The Day to Handle and Bloggers

Tiny two-day videos from the brands that we carry. On one side of the ring Loewe, K.O. of combat after a day to forget, on other side of Zara and his conquest of New York with taste. And now comes the third mark on the race: Mango with Rossy de Palma along with three of the best-known bloggers from fashion in the street. This level of daily epic is hard to beat.

Rossy de Palma It is the antithesis of Chiara Ferragni, Andy Torres and Carolina Engman. By path and, above all, personality. The attitude of the Spanish actress has earned him to stay there and become an icon in many moments. Jean Paul Gaultier likes and now also handle.

Nothing more to playing the video could not contain me laughs to see the three dressed bloggers which secret agents. Laughter thousand, I admit it. Reaches the car, brakes, lowered the window and Rossy de Palma is removed the glasses slowly with their particular look. When the blow to the hood of the car I expected more, is that I am more impulsive.

The car’s time wishing Mango Touch accessories and Werelse It’s the best video. Is Rossy de Palma, who makes it interesting and funny, within the patter that is the proposal.

Werelse It is the brand that created the three bloggers mentioned included capsule for Mango collection, as Carla we already advanced in its day. Collection for sale on April 12, only in 20 stores throughout Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Turkey, as well as the website of Mango and Werelse.

What will be the surprise morning video? After two days, the third will be a tremendous downturn.