Rihanna, Powerful on The Cover of Vogue Couture Italy

You can that Rihanna has failed to appear yet on the cover of Vogue United States as it was rumored. Apparently, Anna Wintour He rejected it when left on the internet some intimate photos of the scantily singer.

But Rihanna It has got a fabulous home in Vogue Italy photographed by Steven Klein. The photograph, taken in black and white, portrays a daring Rihanna with a dress of Valentino of paillettes and combed and made up in the style of the 1980s. In the image remember even with Grace Jones, because you’ve never seen Rihanna so hard.

Little by little Rihanna It is finding its style, despite his youth. Far from the bizarre outfits of other singers, elected with the sole purpose of the attention (Lady Gaga and Katy Perry lease), Rihanna is considered a style 80’s very updated, thanks to his new haircut, to the more daring outfits of designers and the latest fashion trends carried without any complexes.

That doesn’t mean that sometimes pass thread.