Rewind: Current Trends Part 2 – the MIDI Parade Celine, Carving & Louis Vuitton.

Once again rewind rather than to constantly look into the crystal ball and current to forget: already in April we have raved of the well-known MIDI-length, thanks to new techniques of cutting everything else as OMI therefore coming and since then quite turn the head us.

Short inventory checked and found: jap, two specimens can be found in my rock financial – one in the classic pencil-cut from Topshop and a far cut from the House of Henrik Vibskov. Both are loved, but in both I’m given me too also a bit hard to combine them just not frumpy. 

Tips and trick is however, if we take a closer look at the creators. And we do the best times together. Because it would be too bad if we do without this season on this trend, non? After all, already beauties such as Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman or Grace Kelly were on this skirt length. And where has apparently more than good works!

Louis Vuitton: dance with the MIDI-length from season to season

Strapless is and remains the trend. Admittedly, we can understand if you want to make with not necessarily there in the winter – and anyway: it is a perfect opportunity to carry the MIDI skirt from the winter season, a matter of course in the summer or not? Finally we are eh, that garments run independent of season. (Welcome, dear resort collections!)

Carving: set high shoes

A MIDI dress shortens the legs? Jap! Helps only one: help with stiletto heels or ankle boots (with sales!). Nice side-effect: raises the Po, gives us a just attitude. To do this? A short Blazer or a short jacket – differently long silhouettes shall ensure that the total look looks anything but stuffy!

Who is better on sneaker, needs midis however not forego. We are notoriously big fans of fractures!

Miu Miu: break with samples!

We get it: MIDI can be boring. But not if Vortex is provided through the correct pattern. Then, the result can be pretty exciting.

Celine: play with proportions!



Was clear that Celine makes it back to the Jane igsten: clear lines and playing with the silhouettes = perfect. Who does not know what he should wear to the MIDI skirt, which quite naturally relies on turtle neck or on the Boxi sweater. The solution is more than easy. We believe – especially from the very last picture!