Pre-Fall 2014 / / Dkny Further Back

It’s December, and that means: pre-event time. Excuse me, but who would have typed on Christmas now, which we must disappoint at this point – we already a few seasons are seen as fashionable. Sounds totally stupid, it’s also. At least the fact that we deal with it. Why are the creations presented yet? So that the buyers can order quickly, and so in the summer everything depends on too early in our favorite shops. We can spare you yet so unfortunately not quite by the coming winter curtains finally we want, that you on the spot always well know you know. Makes sense, right?

The question whether the label Donna Karen New York given lost by mini skirts and airy dresses itself in the season has, but not as is. We push ’ s on it, that it is always much warmer in autumn in New York, that skirts with tights on images look generally stupid, or that the seasons is more weather-technically Yes eh at all cannot be relied upon. Why we still show: because DKNY time loudly back logs birthday on the 25th.

Yes, and who is again to blame for this? Successful duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the makers behind opening ceremony and Kenzo, the all-rounders who just know what’s going and what it doesn’t. With their collaboration mid-2013 ensured they also at DKNY, to wipe the dust cover and created a picture that once loved everyone at DKNY: 90 s at its best.

How’s in the coming autumn now continues: neoprene skirts meet on tank tops, black and white creations carry this sporting attitude and Pastel-colored complete looks provide for the necessary dose of elegance in the collection. Calm and quite great. Back to the roots – we are thrilled!

All images via our site.