Phoenix skyline

Like Phoenix from the ashes, the city will rise from the arid desert of Arizona – this was predicted by the first settlers of the now vibrant city of Phoenix. Since then, the capital of the US state has become a lively trend metropolis in the heart of the Grand Canyon State and one of the most important cities in the southwest of the USA.

Phoenix offers all the advantages of a modern city and also has numerous exclusive restaurants as well as the largest concentration of first-class spa and golf resorts in the USA. Phoenix attracts with numerous museums, exquisite gastronomy, exciting architecture and much more. The population of Phoenix is 1,321,045.

The sunny side of life

Phoenix is ​​a city ​​full of life and variety and is surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Sonoran Desert, the rugged mountainous regions of the Salt River Valley and the impressive saguaro cacti. Here visitors encounter picturesque landscapes combined with historical, but also future-oriented architecture. The city’s iconic variety of art attracts numerous visitors and unique artists every year.

In addition to the seemingly endless city and cultural offer, travelers in Phoenix are sure of one thing: with 300 days of sunshine , pleasant temperatures and a lively atmosphere are always waiting in the “ Valley of the Sun ”.

Downtown Phoenix

The urban center of the desert metropolis is located in the immediate vicinity of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. In Downtown Phoenix , visitors will find everything that makes the city what it is today: Historic districts such as Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue are lined with modern architecture, for example the CityScape or the impressive Convention Center. Downtown Phoenix is ​​particularly characterized by culinary art and art : The Heard Museum tells the stories of Indian artists and invites you to exciting exhibitions. Also a steadily growing craft beer scene has been establishing itself in Arizona for several years and quenches the thirst of visitors who are keen to try things out. But the metropolis also has a lot to offer when it comes to museums.

The trendy metropolis is a perfect starting point for exclusive wellness and outdoor vacations in Arizona

The Mormons founded Phoenix in 1867 after renovating the centuries-old Hohokam Indians’ water channels. These channels are currently being highlighted again in an urban development project and integrated into urban life.

The big city oasis offers a full program of events and major attractions all year round. One of the cultural highlights is the internationally renowned Heard Museum. If you want to deepen your knowledge of the diverse cultures and works of art of the Native Americans, go to the Heard Museum, which tells the story of the native American Indians impressively and with countless original exhibits, a visit. The museum, furnished with great attention to detail, with a large collection of handicrafts and everyday objects of the Indian tribes of the Southwest inevitably casts its spell on every visitor, so you should take a lot of time for this excursion to the Indian roots of the USA. A good 200,000 visitors a year let themselves be inspired and inspired by the Indian art, which is shown in 12 exhibition rooms. This is where historical artifacts meet contemporary art. A garden with sculptures, a modern art gallery and breathtaking events tell the story of the Native American people. ( )

To the east of the city is the Pueblo Grande Museum , another museum full of historical heritage and full of Native American art to discover.

Probably the most popular museum, however, is in the heart of the pulsating city: The Phoenix Art Museum . It is considered the largest art museum in the southwestern United States and houses over 20,000 historical relics and exciting exhibits of modern and classical art. It also houses an impressive selection of Southwest American paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum has gained an important reputation for its art exhibitions by contemporary European and American artists. The exhibits in the impressive art halls are as varied as the Grand Canyon State itself. They range from futuristic shapes and unique sculptures to valuable pieces from the past: every art lover gets his money’s worth here.

The Arizona Science Center is one of the most popular museums in Grand Canyon State. In the five-story high IMAX theater, the adventure museum presents excursions into exciting prehistoric worlds and into the Grand Canyon. In addition to a modern planetarium, the Arizona Science Center also offers changing, interactive exhibitions that bring children and adults closer to various scientific topics in an easy-to-understand way. Visitors can take on many exciting tasks, including lying on a bed of nails, driving on a bicycle highway or roaming a simulated stomach ( ).

NASA fans should put Challenger Space Center Arizona on their to-do list. The Space Center offers an up-close space experience: In the flight simulator, families can be catapulted to undreamt-of heights, take part in a guided tour, learn exciting background information from the world of aviation or hog one of the many giant telescopes – all of this is possible here. There are Family STAR Night activities on selected weekends. Here the doors are opened for a joint activity with a simulated start into space, a professional space observer gives an interactive presentation about star constellations, planets and the next space events.

The roof of the Arizona State Capitol (now a museum) would require more than 4.8 million pennies of copper.

In addition to the cultural diversity, locals especially appreciate the sporting events at the Chase Field baseball stadium , where the Arizona Diamondbacks regularly play for the home win.

Those interested in historic Harleys should n’t miss the Buddy Stubbs Historical Motorcycle Museum in Phoenix. With free entry, over 130 motorcycles from the past hundred years can be admired.

In the Children’s Museum of Phoenix you can build forts, drive small cars or climb a gigantic climbing frame.

The Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting has been located in Phoenix since 1961 . It was founded by George F. Getz Jr., a successful entrepreneur from Chicago, who discovered his passion for historical fire equipment in 1955 . The Hall of Flame Museum now has a huge collection of fire fighting equipment . The collection covers the entire history of the fire service – from the previous bucket brigade to the 21st century. The oldest exhibit is even from 1725 – seven years before George Washington, who later became the first President of the United States, was born.

Above all, the wild animals that live in Arizona can be admired in the Phoenix Zoo . There is a special Arizona Trail on which you can discover the unique wildlife of Arizona. It is not only one of the largest zoos in the country, but also impresses with its unique beauty. On the “Desert Lives Trail” 23 prehistoric creatures can be seen. Guests can look forward to an expedition into a bygone era, during which they encounter impressively real-looking dinosaur exhibits. These can move and the notorious roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex can also be heard through the zoo.

The South Mountain Park in Phoenix, with over 24,000 hectares total area of one of the largest parks in urban areas. Routes for a wide variety of ability groups extend over 82 kilometers.

Even experienced mountaineers will find numerous exciting challenges in the Grand Canyon State. The Phoenix Summit Challenge combines Arizona’s most interesting mountains in urban areas with a total of seven peaks around Phoenix. Papago Park Buttes, Camelback Mountain, Shaw Butte, Lookout Mountain, South Mountain Preserve, Piestewa Peak, and North Mountain can be climbed.

On the trail of secrets

  • The mysterious Mystery Castle is located on a steep slope in the middle of South Mountain Park in Phoenix . There are 18 rooms and 13 chimneys on 8,000 square meters. The unique building by the architect Boyce Gulley was designed according to the wishes of his daughter Mary Lou. Curved arches, mosaic-tiled floors in the inner courtyard and many other romantic elements make this castle a real eye-catcher. Every brick and every detail tells its own story and lets visitors travel back in time. The Mystery Castle is a must for fans of unique structures.
  • The Tovrea Castle perched Park near the Papago. In the middle of the desert, the castle was built in 1928 and is an absolute jewel in Sonora. The four-story building is full of historical elements and a noble interior from days long gone. In addition to the architectural details, the guided tours offer a lot of interesting information about the earlier residents and their stories from over a hundred years ago. Numerous Saguaro cacti surround the unique structure. An absolute highlight is the view from the top floor of the wonderful landscape of the Sonoran Desert.


Gourmets are at home in Phoenix. In addition to unique creations of well-known classics, the restaurants in the capital of Arizona also feature new, breathtaking compositions of various flavors, which everyone is guaranteed to have tried once during a stop in Phoenix. Delicious bruschettas from Postinos Winecafe , fantastic cheeseburgers from Arrogant Butcher or extraordinary Asian ice cream creations from the Snoh Ice Shavery are recommended and addictive.

  • Characterized by the tribal cultures of the indigenous people as well as Mexican immigrants, foodies in Arizona will find a variety of delicacies: In search of the ultimate Mexican pleasure, a visit to Macayo’s Mexican in Phoenix is ​​a must. Crispy quesadillas with spicy chillies, juicy beef or chicken enchiladas and many other specialties are waiting to be eaten. Founded in 1946, the restaurant is still family-owned today and has grown into a small chain with 15 branches in Arizona. Another insider tip is the homemade guacamole, which is best enjoyed with a fresh margarita.

Craft beer

A steadily growing craft beer scene has also been establishing itself in Arizona for a number of years and quenches the thirst of visitors who are keen to taste. With more than 100 different breweries, beer lovers will find a true paradise here – also in Phoenix.

  • The Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.has strong beers brewed from local ingredients. The brewery has received numerous awards and is considered one of the best in Arizona. The delicious burger with fries that are tossed in duck fat is also an absolute highlight here.
  • If you prefer something a little sweeter, you should pay a visit to the Greenwood Brewery . The owner has made it her business to brew light and fruity beers. With fresh citrus nuances and other aromatic refinements, they are perfect for mild evenings with friends.


Because of the high temperatures in Arizona, the call for cooling is great, especially in summer. How good that the resorts in Phoenix are so famous for their spectacular pools. Sunbathing and bathing in the cool water – this fantastic combination is possible on the roofs above the city.

Phoenix skyline

  • The West in Phoenix Downtown is an oasis in the middle of the city, indulging guests with great views of the skyline and the nearby mountains.
  • The Hotel Palomar Phoenix not only amazes visitors with its stunning pool. One of the city’s hip hotspots is also located here, the LUSTER Roof Garden. The $ 6 before 6 pm happy hour menu is particularly recommended, and was rated in the Phoenix New Times as the best happy hour dish served by the pool.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Phoenix pampers its guests with cool drinks around the luxurious pool. The sun loungers invite you to relax.
  • In the charming, historic Hotel San Carlos , visitors get an impression of the history around 1928, the year the hotel was founded. Mae West and Cary Grant have already bathed in the pool – even if it has of course been modernized in the meantime.
  • Royal Palms Resort and Spa
    The Royal Palms Resort and Spatran sports its guests to the Spanish colonial era and, with its Mediterranean style and incomparable view of Camelback Mountain, is one of the most popular hotels in Phoenix. The unique atmosphere is created by the characteristic architecture, numerous original exhibits and an overwhelming flower garden. The 30 casitas in the resort’s Valencia Garden are painted in fresh colors such as eggshell, kiwi lime or mustard and are equipped with specially made furniture. In addition, works by local artists hang in all rooms. In the bathroom, relaxation is tempting with luxurious furnishings, a spacious dressing area and a built-in coffee bar. Other amenities include wrought iron four-poster beds, double patio doors, and fireplaces. Celebrities like Helena Rubenste in and comedian legend Groucho Marx have always felt drawn to the special flair. In the recent past, even ex-US President George W. Bush showed up at the resort.
  • Moxy Tempe
    Tempe is particularly popular with hipsters and is known for wild college parties, underground art and great nightlife. The Moxy Tempe has 186 cozy rooms in industrial chic as well as a multitude of flowing surfaces inside and outside, which are separated by modern roller garage doors next to the lobby. Old-fashioned turntables, LPs and acoustic guitars provide music in the Moxy King Studios, and guests can explore the city with Moxy City Bikes that can be borrowed. There is also a lively pool area and a modern fitness studio.