PFW Chanel For The Summer Or: Fashion + Art = Eternal Lovers

As the estimated Monsieur Lagerfeld ever manages to design six collections a year for Chanel, four more for Fendi from the floor to stomp, doing his own line of Lagerfeld and KARL by Karl Lagerfeld not forgetting his campaigns to olso, exhibitions with to design, fashion films, to show up on store openings, to his own campaigns face and to stand ready constantly for interviews that of already a mystery to us. How he however is able to create a success story, really everything makes thorough us ready in my head. 

Without question, behind champion a scharr by people, a team that brings ideas and designed with – and yet we can be sure that Karl Lagerfeld gives only the basic necessities from the hand. For the summer 2014 a particularly successful prank succeeded the multi-talented anyway, again, which we here of course not want to deprive you: the Grand Palais as art gallery, Lagerfeld as creating artist and model as the current works of art in the most colourful palettes.

These shoes!

Tradition meets art, meets modern and visionary design. Tried to Tweed and pearls be used season to season with new combined and become incomparable treasures. Matching framed took place the incomparable parade in the premises of the Grand Palais – and that has been redecorated, this time into a whole Chanel Museum. A show that has been thought through from front to rear and drives us to tears in the eyes, if we bear in mind not to have been.

You see all photos and Close Ups as always at It’s worth!

Itself we would more than happy to carry Yes, such a string of pearls!