Paphos, Cyprus

The city of Paphos is considered one of the best resorts on the island of Cyprus. It is located in the southwestern part of the island among a cluster of gently sloping hills, on the very shore of the sea. It was here, according to legend, that the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, was born from the sea foam. Formerly a quiet and inconspicuous place, today Paphos is a popular resort with a well-developed recreation infrastructure, some Paphos hotels are considered the most fashionable and expensive in Cyprus. Previously a quiet and inconspicuous town has turned into a place where tourists from many countries of the world come to rest. The magnificent beaches, clear sea and wonderful weather of Paphos allow beach lovers to sunbathe under the local sun in all months except winter, and a large number of entertainments will delight fans of outdoor activities.


The main attractions of Paphos are various ancient buildings and buildings. Among the most famous are the Port Fortress, which is located in the harbor of the city. The walls of this fortress keep traces of many battles and sieges that this city suffered. Fragments of the villas of Dionysus, Aion and Theseus, found during excavations, contain interesting mosaics that are under the protection of UNESCO. Far from the villa of Dionysus are the ruins of the Forty Columns Castle, which was also built to protect the city from attacks by various enemies. Also next to the Villa of Dionysus is the Odeon, a majestic theater built by the Romans. Of course, now it does not look like it used to, but it still impresses with the beauty of its architecture; various festivals and holidays are still held here.


The beaches of Paphos are located along the entire south coast, most of them are located near the hotels. Almost all beaches are equipped with changing cabins, the beaches are properly maintained. On their territory there are small cafes and taverns, as well as the opportunity to go scuba diving or do some other water sport. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for the use of a sunbed and an umbrella.


The most important and popular entertainment in Paphos is on its magnificent beaches – water sports. For a fee, you can try your hand at water skiing, jet skiing or boating, as well as dive into the sea and admire the beauty of its flora and fauna. According to an old legend, women who dream of regaining their youth should swim several times around the Petra tou Romiou rock, so you can combine swimming in the warm sea with wellness treatments. On the Akamas peninsula, located near Paphos, you can enjoy cycling or a short hike, admiring the beauty of the local nature along the way.

Night life

There are a lot of all kinds of restaurants, taverns and cafes in Paphos, almost all of them work until late at night, so when the evening comes, when Paphos becomes even more beautiful than during the day, you can have a delicious dinner and drink local wine. It will be especially pleasant to do this after a walk to the sea. Paphos also has a fairly large number of discos and nightclubs, some of which are located right under the open sky. In clubs and discos you can hear both national music and the most modern dance rhythms, which will be played by talented DJs especially for you.

Paphos, Cyprus