On A Visit To The Studio Of P | Age – Sustainable Fashion From Berlin

We are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives in our closet, for responsible design and favorite items, without having a bad conscience – and fail regularly. The awareness is there, but ecological alternatives or even completely fair produced is reminiscent of the search of the needle in the haystack. For many years, there are already the Green Showroom to Berlin fashion week, but due to time constraints, we have so far successfully missed the event. A label, we nevertheless particularly noticed: P | AGE – the Berlin label of magical sisters Ania and Iwona Pilch, that is a first step in the right direction, thinking around and like to share his personal story since 2012 with us!

We were visiting in her Studio Neukölln and have looked around once more for the girls, taken their designs under the magnifying glass, us in love in Iwonas dress and ask: what of with P | AGE is exactly:

P | AGE in Guatemala from PAGE FASHION BERLIN on Vimeo.

Jane Wayne: What’s behind P. AGE – at a glance?

… a fashion label that uses traditional materials from Guatemala, but in our European context brings. It is an individual label, which is characterised by clear lines and should be very portable. A label with a background and history.

Jane Wayne: What is P. AGE – in the long version?

P | AGE is simply our own history – said brought together on one side. We had always been the rough idea to put something together and after we finished our jobs here in Berlin (note was d. ed. Iwona Design Assistant at Kilian Kerner and Ania has worked in a Berlin marketing agency), we flew first to rest to Central America, to get his head free.

And during our trip we had just the idea to a common project: the whole “untapped” potential site was simply overwhelming. And because we ourselves really from now on equal love in people and their culture, have overwhelmed us worlds of colour and so special were the substances, was clearly equal to home: we have to do something!

And tada: our private travel has actually emerges as a first business trip and we decided to start a label and to use the materials from Guatemala. We have encountered namely spot a group of women, who have shown us their traditional crafts and try their results from particular Web techniques to bring to any tourist.

That everyone knows well: it is a stunning country, finds everything colorful and beautiful and exciting – and would preferably like to have everything. And it arrives at home and nothing makes more sense. We try to make this connection now to try to translate. So the tradition to Germany to pick up without losing the context and still finding a translation.

Jane Wayne: You show to the Berlin fashion week at the Green Showroom. That also means that you produced completely “green”?

Our fabrics are manufactured in fair and we try also strongly that everything is organic, but it is super difficult. On-site they produce also even cotton, which also use, but it is not enough just unfortunately – that is, they buy a foreign. Therefore, we can not fully guarantee that everything is green. We make especially the fair production conditions – so the makers on the ground behind it. With us, the man in the foreground is and since we are just two, hands are tied we unfortunately sometimes. We can still monitor everything alone and guarantee. Moreover, our clothes would be then more expensive – and that is beyond all scope for the small quantities.

We are local, look around us and above-average pay women for their work, check the age, know them all personally and hold the also in the clothes again. Also the materials on site are dyed with natural dyes. It is our first steps – and the goal is to expand the sustainable production. But at the moment we can ensure even not all that.

Jane Wayne: There the vision, to make fully and sustainably?

The vision is there anyway and it should be at every label. We want to do currently only at the same time everything so that it runs properly.

A/W 2013

Jane Wayne: You have formed you exactly one year ago, have started with a show – how difficult it is to start a label?

It is incredibly difficult, and we sometimes have the feeling that we us every day new apply. It is to be like on the job search. But when you come out, people are super positive and want to do something with us. It’s just super busy. And yes even twice as many compared to a person who tackle it alone.

S / S 2014

Contacts we could benefit so far not so much, but we know the processes of course a little, thus that we didn’t have started after graduating. And: it helps if one goes to confidently with clients and them shows that you have experience!

Most importantly, it’s easy to try out later to close out, what you don’t like!

Jane Wayne: How important is for you because the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – so the event in the tent?

We would of course like to one day show in the tent and we hope also that the tent in the future is even more attractive and respected. Although we will show at fashion week, but it is something else of course, to show directly in the tent. You get more attention. Basically that is just great Berlin fashion week and actually we don’t especially distinguish. We feel in the show floor at least at the moment very well.

Jane Wayne: How finance is his own label because?

We have recorded but a loan, of course save you much, and are supported by our parents. At the moment, everything that we deserve fully enters our label. We feel sometimes like an old married couple with a joint account. We eh nothing else money spend on as for P. AGE.

Jane Wayne: what percentage make the creative process and how much the business part out?

The creative part is only for design already very big, very small. In addition, time is very short. It takes about a month. Shooting, art direction and styling is of course equally creative, but of course again presupposes a ready-made collection. Basically you can say that 80 percent definitely means hauling ever! We are almost our own interns – but that is also something that we previously expected. Thanks to our work with Kilian Kerner, and an agency. The beautiful, however, is that one every day on the new must dare approach so far unexplored things, which previously had nothing on the hat.


Jane Wayne: What is your customer?

It’s a bit hard to tell, because we try it yet of course to find out. However, of course, we have an idea of who P | AGE could buy: our client is a bit older than we, has a bit more budget for clothes than we currently have available and sustainable purchasing behaviour. You respect on their clothes, on the environment and is very interested in their environment.


Jane Wayne: Well, then we make but some advertising! How would you get the P. Collection for describing AGE?

The collection is straightforward, geometric and strongly defined by proportions. An important feature of P | The break is AGE, straightforwardness by details, cut outs and asymmetric cuts. Color proportions and patterns coming soon – the beginnings were very easy. We had to then develop further and of course the seamstresses on site as well. The first collection is so very simple, the second already detailed by textiles and the third is more complex and boasts the pattern mixes. The fabrics are made for us and we can of course influence or convince us of the craft of women.

Jane Wayne: When we turn to the current collective, which wanted her to express?

It is P. All about AGE, two cultures to connect with each other: Guatemala, Central America, the travel – the essence from it. And that extends through all collections – not just through A/W Collections.

Jane Wayne: What are you working at the moment?

We will go again for a month after Guatemala in October – brought the cuts already on paper and will look at there more fabrics and textiles. In addition we will discuss of course with the seamstresses on site.

And at the moment we are working on a project that was actually quite by accident. Namely, we will launch a limited collection of leather on the market in cooperation with a furniture manufacturer. And we will design a suitable line to launch of its luxury leather beach chair which accompanied this whole thing just. And since we are very leather affine, we have worked with cuts from the current collection and replaced the textiles to leather.

Jane Wayne: Where can I P | AGE exactly buy, except here in the your Studio on the Sun Ahornallee 174?

We sell online on Nelou and on Amazon. You’ll find us in a boutique in Leipzig and quite fresh in the designer for today in Brühl – there are selected, German designer. End of October we are in Hamburg on the eye-catcher – this is a consumer fair for fashion – and there you get us for a few days.

The personal contact to our customers is very important to us and therefore we love these small stores and pop up shops, even to replace and to our vision and the history behind P. AGE to tell.

Jane Wayne: It’s a already even quite good everything! How’s the store going so far?

So everything is going of course still quite slow. And on every sale we clap excitedly in the hands. Here come in the Studio now has a few loyal customers and especially with our pop up it runs super actions. And our sales tour is only in the starting blocks.

Your time for thanks girls! We wish you all the best for your label and a lot of fun in Guatemala next month.

The two forward at any time about your visit:

Samuel Ahornallee 174, 12059 Berlin – to do this, please telephone or written registration under our site.