No Longer Roaring, Now What Is Carries Is Bellowing

Leaves of remove the Tiger and Leopard What’s on you, it seems that the roaring is ending (or at least is in a second flat). And is that this summer but autumn facing the print that most will stick is the cow’s. Yes, as you read it, if he had enough with the Leopard now joins her cow. An animal that I reminiscent of childhood, quiet and we met in the Spanish countryside. And is that there are already many firms that are beginning to predict this boom and throwing items to make it Street is view black and white.

And do the bloggers: short or long trousers decorate their days of spring-summer and adapting them to your style and your daily life. Adding pastel colors or in keeping with the position in which the same chromatic color, they know defend these risky items to perfection. Another thing is that you like the final result.

A full autumn-winter

Are some firms that presented collections of Autumn-winter with this trend. One of them Givenchy, which in its Pre-Fall collection We have several items in this print.

Y Burberry Prorsum It is suited to its English style and no doubt with mixing it with other animal-print as the Zebra or Leopard (too much for my body Bailey). That Yes, I must admit that freaks me the second proposal and not because you wish me to, but because now going to do 10 years I bought a coat in Zara with the same print. Both use gave him that in college I knew as the beef wrap, and until a couple of years ago it was present in my closet…

Do you dare?

If you are one of those who wants try something new and this trend is striking you, now you can try your luck going to H & M or Zara. These two stores present us with everything we need to be able dress up our days to the last.

  • Printed shorts from Zara, 22.95 euro.
  • Printed Jersey of H & M, 34,95 EUR.
  • Long trousers of Zara, 29,95 EUR.
  • Fine shirt of H & M, 19.95 EUR.