Nicole Richie Mimics Lady Gaga in The BlackBook Editorial

Apparently we have become crazy, or else the world is upside down. If Lady Gaga It is a serious candidate for our prize bowling tacky in every month, even winning the February issue, the logical thing would be ignoring his style for being in bad taste. Maybe not, rather the opposite. The style of the most bizarre artist and that his image has been created to sell, is now copied by Nicole Richie in the last editorial for BlackBook.

Luckily, only the pose has been copied from “ modern diva ” that Lady Gaga will be dressed and has not emulated the famous costume nude or leather holder. The American magazine Blackbook, related to music and culture in general, seeks a home that impacts even though to do so Nicole Richie have to transform into someone who is not.

Long ago that we do not see the us with a tacky style of those who had been at the time, now its style has been moderate and improved at the same time. For the Blackbook editorial touches the opposite face. First, hair style Lady Gaga minimally modifying the original of Richie.

Second, Add-ons by all sides. In hand cannot be be more rings because they don’t have big fingers.

Third, colors the shocking possible, anything opt for the cake, here the fluorine, the brightness, the collection of Louis Vuitton in homage to Sprouse and funds with a Bubblegum pink or blue intense are the key.

And Guy, bad taste above all. Okay the pose, playing to be diva and even dress-up, but there is nothing salvageable in the clothes. Really have to dress someone with style like? Nicole Richie in a tacky as Lady Gaga?

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