Natalie Portman, Kate Moss and Company at Another Magazine

As we have said before, September is one of the top months of fashion and that referred to in the trends magazines, It released some of its best numbers of the year, or at least the most spectacular. The proof is the new of Another Magazine.

Similar to the V magazine, featuring Quad home for the next month, Another four female faces of first-level commitment to star in its magazine. Nothing less than Natalie Portman, Vanessa Paradis, Katie Holmes and Kate Moss.

Yes, British model back to repeat in another journal in September and with this already are five different! Kate Moss has set itself back to the publishers and there who stop him. By now the W was the best, but this another aims high, with a cover made by Graig McDean, like Holmes, and with Galliano as the center of attention.

But of the four images, the most impressive is the of Natalie Portman, profile, looking askance at the camera’s Hedi Slimane, also responsible for the Paradis, and with its fetish fashion designer: Lanvin. For my taste, the best cover of the next month.

Had long not seen to Vanessa Paradis and here appears in Chanel, with certain foreshortening, while Katie Holmes prefer the cool style of a large lady dressed for Alaia.

Glad to see numbers of magazines as well, which follow the streak.