“Most Women Wear The Wrong Bra” – Nonsense. Or?

“80% of women wear the wrong bra”. Yeah, I got it. Slowly but surely we know’s Yes and what we know: that we do not belong to these stupid 80%. – I thought at least. Until I was taught a better Friday and fell off within a few minutes from the faith.

As the invitation of Hunkemoller we scrambled a (consultation and fitting!), I remained sitting quite unaffected and uninterested in my chair. I was just about to put the mail in the trash and a suitable excuse to look for, when I suddenly stopped. Wait a minute. If clothing technically really a deficit there with me, then one has here just be fully taken in the black. I could not even remember my last purchase of underwear. A stiefmuttlerlich treated subject on my part. Mainly because I don’t have a problem with cars placed on underpants, owls, or clouds and rib Schluppis since I was a child an integral part of my “lingerie” are. There, men have to can deal with. Or just look the other way.

And then this nasty associations in the head: Sylvie van der Vaart as a campaign model – urgh. This shop in Düsseldorf’s old town, I avoided during my student period due to the pink shop window suspenders. Well, no matter. Prejudices aside and out there.

Arrived in Rotterdam waited already the personal adviser of bosom. My name was Deborah and was paired with a little kessem joke the reincarnation of courtesy. You have probably also when one adult people the phenomenon „ breast holder “ must explain once again from scratch. What I learned: there are, broadly considered, approximately 28 breast forms. From these measured data (1200 women were “model“), finally designed four forms of bra.

And here we would have already arrived at topic „ to dumb to embed the chest “. I actually thought it was a purely cosmetic issue. If I just want that all swells up and out in the middle to a Ritz put together or not. Pandey. There are the right lid for every pot – this is the case with boobs.

And while I me reluctant yet against tip and strange Cup forms, Deborah dragged even the half load in my dressing room. She had looked appropriate, short on my breasts (but packed) me and summarized it as follows: after all, you’re right in terms of size. But the way you’re wearing is absolute crap! EHM. Since I had peeled me already the only model without the Nike swoosh, that was to be found at home with me and then this lady has also something to complain about. I rolled with the eyes. And scared to death as to me on bright red model of the brand “sexy“ was enough. Take a breath. Breathe out. Try on. Then the enlightenment.

I can describe my experience that followed the above scenario, only the following dimensions: Hola the forest fairy. „ balcony “ it is. So, the form that fits to my upper body probably is called. And so the whole thing looked too. I was still skeptical, because I saw still not with mega Horn through the world strut me. It looked just as half-naked. At that moment, I knew why Sports Bras were to me always the favorite. „ No, don’t worry, even dress up your T-Shirt! “. OK. Yikes. There, the horns were gone again, or rather: they looked normal. Just like with sports bra, only they were not squeezed exceptionally flat pancakes together. The explanation: „ na, the volume, that is, that just arrived. You can watch the breasts not at the back buckle. Yes “ sounded logical and it is even today, three days later, still.

Conclusion: since Friday, the owls, clouds, and Nike swoosh baggy models I am considering “live good“ to say. Not completely, but sometimes. I can bind now laces me without then having to reorder the cleavage (flupp, flupp – you know what I mean). I can undress myself, look in the mirror and wink to myself, rather than to break out in laughter. What I’m saying: beauty comes from the inside, that is clear. But at the same time it’s good also to be not only superficially well-dressed, but also underneath. For the Samantha Jones effect.

Thank you for the invitation, I really what learned what I didn’t think, to be able to learn.

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