Miley Cyrus for Harper’s Bazaar: Bizarre Editorial of The Year

What happens when a magazine as Harper’s Bazaar, usual elegant, classic and confirmed in this world of famous characters and fashion, devoted its cover and its main editorial to someone as Miley Cyrus?

The answers could be many. The most simple and respectful: that There is who creates it. The young actress, singer, multi-talented girl from the Disney factory has never transmitted a great style, except in specific looks but without credible hanger. So the Publisher takes us to see the great work of advisors to build a star.

The home of itself scares. Looks like the typical Vanity Fair or the own Harper’s Bazaar with the famous in turn confirmed as stylish celebritie, see Eva Longoria or the first lady of the United States, but that in the end they get bored. Not by donning a dress of Giorgio Armani Miley Cyrus It will be credible. Big mistake.

Then there is of course, to represent the fashion current for the next Spring-summer 2010 where is the chiffon what demands. If already on the cover seems ridiculous, with the dress of Burberry Prorsum and stamping the bucolic horse and the hair on his chest, Miley Cyrus like a little version of twenty-first century, where skirts teach more than hide.

This followed the trend in the flowers with a magnificent minidress dress of Christian Dior, Although it is not ruined so much as the other two, just missing you. Fortunately that is a picture, which has an iPod with speakers and a hat in his hand. Give it a video and gets us to sing.

Even so, my favorite photography and which would give the most absurd award the last seen publishers is this where it leaves with a silver ball gown of Ralph Lauren in the middle of the field, the most natural possible, with his inseparable from hand guitar. We already know how it will go dressed in the next tour, or be put back those looks where almost nothing is left to the imagination? I vote for this dress of Ralph Lauren and you?

My reaction to the editorial could be summed up in this image.

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