The architecture of the casino hotels is startling, but in contrast to the modern buildings, the city also has several parks.

Travel to Macau via Hong Kong

The easiest way for a Finnish tourist to travel to Macau is to fly to Hong Kong and continue the journey by ferry to Macau.

There are both direct and scheduled flights to Hong Kong. Finnair’s direct flights from Helsinki to Hong Kong cost about 600 euros at the cheapest, but plane-changing flights are available for about 400 euros.

Alternative flights from Helsinki to Hong Kong are offered by KLM , British Airways and Cathay Pacific , among others . The direct flight takes just over ten hours.

There is a direct ferry connection to Macau from Hong Kong Airport. The ferry terminal is located at the airport before the passport control, as passengers arriving in Macao only pass through the passport control in Macao. The ferry ride takes just over an hour.

The diverse accommodation offer focuses on luxury

The number and standard of hotels in Macau is unique on a global scale, with a staggering number of luxury hotels in a small area. In total, the city’s accommodation capacity covers 40,000 rooms in 120 hotels. The city’s largest hotel has three thousand rooms nestled in giant Venetian. There are plenty of five star hotels.

The price level in the city is otherwise very affordable, but the accommodation is in the same price range as in Finland: a double room in a three-star hotel costs an average of one hundred euros per night. Prices for five-star hotels start at around 150 euros per night. Utilizing special offers for luxury accommodation can be obtained at a fairly affordable price.

A budget traveler can get into trouble with being in Macau, as there are no hostels and the cheapest hotels cost around € 60 a night.

You should book your accommodation well in advance of your trip, especially if you are heading to the city on a weekend.

Move easily in Macau

Getting around Macau is easy with taxis and local buses, and it is easy to get around on foot. Casino hotels also offer their own bus connections to major destinations free of charge.

Taxis are mostly safe and have meters, so there is no need to agree on prices in advance. The most reliable taxis are black in color. The price level is affordable, and with five euros you can fold almost any distance.

Local buses cover well most tourist destinations, so if you want to see local life, hop on a bus. The ticket costs six patacas, or about 70 cents, and is valid for half an hour. Tickets are paid in cash to the bus driver and no change is received, so be prepared for a lump sum.

Casino hotel bus information is available from hotel officials, but most hotels have clear signs for bus stops. The new, air-conditioned buses are completely free, and run from casino hotels to, for example, Macau Tower and Taipei Harbor.



The city’s skyline is full of skyscrapers, and the best scenic spots can be seen all the way to China.

Dive into the casino splendor

Before Macao, it was called Las Vegas in China. Today, Vegas could, in good conscience, be called little Macao. China’s own casino city has rumbled to become the number one in the gambling world, both in terms of money and other metrics.

While gambling may not be one of your favorite hobbies, it’s worth visiting at least some casinos for the sake of a glorious setting and adrenaline-fueled atmosphere.

The spectacular Grand Lisboa is reminiscent of the city’s Portuguese roots and is Macao’s first gambling oasis. Venetia in particular is also worth a visit, which, like its Italian image, offers the casino people refreshing gondola rides, among other things.

Old Town World Heritage Mazes

Macau’s historic center provides the right counterweight to glittering chandeliers and champagne sparkling casinos.

Portuguese roots, colonialist knockout buildings, and Chinese temples sprinkled here and there exude a truly international vibe and pure beauty.

The Old Town houses countless buildings classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tourist should check out at least the Chinese A-Ma Temple as well as the still standing facade of St. Paul’s Church.

To Hong Kong for a day trip

If a Macao vacation isn’t entirely spent in the neon lights of casinos and the historic scenery of the old town, it’s definitely worth a stop for a day trip in Hong Kong as well.

The ferry, which costs a couple of dozen euros, takes you in less than an hour at best.

Countless temptations await on the opposite shore, from Disneyland to giant buddha and endless shopping opportunities.



There are over a hundred restaurants in the city recommended by the Michelin guide.

The best attractions

  1. The ruins of Paul
  2. A-Ma temple
  3. Casinos
  4. Macau Tower
  5. Guia Fortress

The cheapest casino hotels

  1. Venetian
  2. Parisian
  3. Grand Lisboa
  4. MGM Macau
  5. Galaxy

The best gifts

  1. Almond biscuits
  2. Tea
  3. Teapots

The most interesting areas

  1. Old Town
  2. Cotai
  3. Coloane