Louis Vuitton Returns to Become The Best Valued Luxury Brand

It is nothing new to see to Louis Vuitton lead the list of best luxury brands of the market. In 2010 she was elected by International Business magazine as the first brand international. According to the ranking BrandZ, prepared by the consultancy Millward Brown, Louis Vuitton repeats for sixth consecutive year as the best valued luxury brand in the world.

The brand owned by the Group LVMH It has 24.312 million dollars worth, up 23% over the last year. If we look at the rest of the data that follows we find that neither the sum of the (second)Hermes 11.917 million) and the third)Gucci, with 7.449 billion) they exceed to Louis Vuitton.

In fourth place is Chanel with a brand value of 6,823 million dollars, ahead of Cartier and Rolex. The two unique brands that lost value with respect to the year past are Gucci (- 2%) and Hennessy, in seven since, with 7% less. The rest are up, which is more Hermes with a 41%, followed by Cartier, with 34% and Chanel with 23%, the same as Louis Vuitton.

If we look at the classification we find ourselves with five brands in which the Group LVMH It has a stake: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon and Fendi.