Los Angeles, California

Guide to Los Angeles: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. The most interesting in Los Angeles: latest reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and shopping.

Sunny Los Angeles (LA, Los Angeles) is a city of discovery, where small talk always begins with the question: “Where are you from?”. This question is a reflection of the reality of LA, its energetic essence, endless daydreaming, cheating and trickery, coupled with unflappable optimism. Where else could an English acrobat named Archibald Leach turn into beloved by millions of Cary Grant? Or an Austrian bodybuilder (yes, we are talking about Arnold) to go from Muscle Beach to the governor?

“City of Angels” is a place where screenwriters are inspired in the shadow of huge Hollywood letters, surfers meticulously wrinkle their noses at the waves in Malibu, while true dreamers, eternal optimists are ready to stand in line for half a day for the famous hot dog with chili sauce. This is Los Angeles – a bustling mash-up of culture, society and cuisine, shimmering alleyways, endless streams of luxury cars and great museums. See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Alabama.

How to get to Los Angeles

Getting from Russia to sunny Los Angeles is easy. Given the remoteness of the Californian city, the best option is a plane. However, if you have a lot of time left and want something unusual, you can arrive there on a cruise ship.

By plane

The fastest way to get to Los Angeles from Moscow is a direct flight, but there is only one such flight. Transportation is carried out by Aeroflot, the plane takes off daily from Sheremetyevo. You will have to spend 12 hours on the way. There are many options with transfers in European cities from Air Berlin, Delta, Air France, United and others. The journey takes from 14 hours to 1.5 days. The most advantageous offer from S7 Airlines.

Flights from Russia take the main air gate of the city – Los Angeles Airport. American airline domestic flights arrive at Long Beach and Bob Hope Airports.

There are no direct flights from St. Petersburg to LA. Aeroflot offers the fastest and most profitable option – 15 hours, transfer to Sheremetyevo.

By train

The comfort and affordability of domestic flights make rail transport in the United States almost unclaimed. Trains operated by Amtrak, which operates all passenger rail services, run to Union Station in Downtown. There is a connection with Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Chicago and some other cities in the state. Ticket price – from 100 USD. This route is suitable for romantics who want to see the country from the train window. You won’t be able to save money – air travel from Moscow to LA costs less than to most other US cities.

On the ship

Los Angeles is home to one of the largest and busiest seaports in the country. Cruise ships arrive here from other states, Canada and Mexico. If you want to arrive in the “City of Angels” on a luxurious ferry, get ready to shell out a tidy sum. Travel time – from 7 days. Of the benefits – the opportunity to go ashore and see other cities, as well as numerous entertainment on board the liner.

Districts of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge metropolis located on the very edge of the Pacific Ocean. Geographically, it is divided into many large regions. The center of the agglomeration is Downtown, the symbol of which is the famous skyscrapers. All fashionable hotels of the city, business centers and hypermarkets are concentrated here.

Stretching for 100 km along the coast, the Santa Monica area is an endless series of beaches, noisy bars, restaurants and outrageous clubs known for their crazy parties. However, it is relatively safe here, except for street theft. There are several cultural institutions, the most popular being the Heritage and Arts Museums. Beach lovers and surfers have chosen the endless coast of Santa Monica, and on the famous pier you can get a dose of adrenaline in the amusement park. The area is relatively inexpensive, there are hotels and hostels of different price categories.

Malibu is a piece of paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the bays.

Beverly Hills is one of the most luxurious parts of Los Angeles, it is worth coming here to see the mansions of Hollywood stars with your own eyes. There are many luxury shops and boutiques on the streets, however, not everyone can afford them, however, like local hotels. Of the attractions – Museum of Radio and Television.

Hollywood is the most stellar area in LA. First of all, tourists go, of course, to the Walk of Fame, which keeps the memory of many famous and successful personalities of American cinema. If time allows, be sure to visit one of the oldest film studios in the country – Universal. There really is something to see here – a lot of thematic shows and attractions, naturalistic scenery, exhibitions and expositions.

Malibu is a piece of paradise with white sand beaches, turquoise bays and fabulously expensive real estate. There are no high-rise skyscrapers and huge film studios that other parts of the city are famous for. The main local attraction is nature. Malibu stretches in a narrow strip along the Pacific Ocean, which attracts thousands of water sports enthusiasts. The area is quite expensive – living on the coast can cost a pretty penny.

Los Angeles beaches

Endless sandy beaches are one of the hallmarks of the city. There are more than 20 of them here, there are even entire beach towns like Santa Monica. Most of them bear little resemblance to the calm coast of the Black Sea. Still, the ocean is a huge uncontrollable element, which surfers who come here from all over are trying to tame. One of Malibu ‘s beaches is only for them, swimming is prohibited there.

There are more than 20 beaches in Los Angeles, which, along with Disneyland and Hollywood, are considered the hallmark of the city.

What makes this place a real paradise for surfers is a danger for those who are not very good swimmers. Strong waves never subside here, and currents pass in the immediate vicinity of the coast. The water is quite cold even on the hottest days.

Vacationing on the beaches of LA with children can be unsafe. Relatively calm water is worth looking for on Laguna Beach. On the beaches that are especially popular among tourists, thieves often hunt, it is better not to leave valuables unattended. In the water, the threat comes from sea urchins.

There are excellent opportunities for a fun-filled vacation at Vines Beach and Santa Monica. There are many bars, souvenir shops and clubs with fun beach parties. In the evenings, clowns and musicians, street magicians and artists perform. Umbrellas and sun loungers ( 10 USD ), as well as sports equipment can be found at the nearest hotel or rental office.

Surfing in Los Angeles

Kilometers of sandy beaches with real ocean waves reinforced by breakwaters make Los Angeles a real paradise for surfers. Even if you have never stood on the board, the Californian city is one of the best places to try out a new sport. Of course, you won’t be able to become a great conqueror of waves right away, but it’s quite enough to learn the basics of mastery and hold out on the board for at least a few seconds.

The most favorable time for surfing is autumn, winter and spring. The water can be quite cold.

The most popular beaches for surfers are in Santa Monica and south of LA International Airport, as well as in the small town of Malibu. The place should be chosen based on the level of skill. For example, El Porto is great for beginners, but only true professionals can ride on the rocky Lunada Bay.

There are many schools teaching this sport in Los Angeles. Most of them welcome beginner athletes of all ages and skill levels. If you have not yet decided to devote your whole life to surfing and you don’t have any equipment, it doesn’t matter – the rental price is included in the price of the lesson (except for shoes, you will have to buy them). One of the most popular schools, Santa Monica Surf School , also offers paddleboarding lessons. One surf lesson will cost 130 USD per person. You can save money by going to a group lesson, for 5 people you will have to pay 400 USD. Prices in other schools start from 75 USD.

Los Angeles, California