Lookalikes: Our site Vs. Carving

We encounter when you by Zara, lambin H & M and co, or clicks through the depths of the online shops of top shop and their ilk, great designer, at least figuratively. I’d say about 90% (if not even 100!) There hanging clothes are more or less beautiful copies of the big catwalk trends. This is Yes nunmal sense of the thing. Mach one calls it “the democratization of fashion“, while other steaming with anger. Because the whole thing at the end causes that the “copyright“, so several luxury companies, which are ultimate, which can offer the items for sale. First the next season. Two weeks need Topshop undsoweiterundsofort scored just once, quite inexpensive to implement the. Common, but of ordinary madness, from which most of us (unfortunately) benefit.

Now time butter on the fish: the today shown Leo jacket is probably one to do the wonderful Stella mccartney Pieces be. Was very clear at the time of purchase and my conscience was only calm down, that I finally also sometime had been a real part of Stella in the Leo-look me (Yes, I know: does not apply). More recently, top shop looks at carving off however prefer.

Relative becomes obvious the whole when the following blouse, whose large Schwester that the map blouse by carving for two years of the fashion girl’s favorite:
I personally can be almost too much of a good aka much copycat.

Very much more subtle the reigns at the Bambi trend went to – here is the copy unfortunately not to the original:

Looks in the photo’s less so from like in carving, basically was seen only a trend topic: Bambi. While I had my short trip to London the whole try to naturally fix and now is happen to me because: I saw the ensemble in the afternoon in perfect combination and suddenly everything looked hunky-dory and no longer as at carving. Help. What to do? Perhaps still order?