How to Get to Da Nang, Vietnam

There are no direct flights between the capital and Da Nang, but there are many connecting flights. Vietnam Airlines flies on the Moscow-Danang route via Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. Singapore Airlines (via Singapore) and Korean Airlines (via Seoul) also operate flights from the latter to Da Nang. Approximate flight time with transfers is 12.5 hours. According to petwithsupplies, Da Nang is one of the largest cities in Vietnam.

From Da Nang International Airport to the city center 4 km – you can take a taxi for about 46,550-100,000 VND (taxi drivers are waiting for passengers at the airport exit, you can also order a car at the airport itself). A motorcycle taxi will cost even less – from 46,000 VND.

Official taxis work according to the meter, with the “caught” you need to negotiate the cost in advance and do not forget to bargain.

From other regions of Vietnam, you can get to Da Nang by bus, the intercity bus station is located in the western part of the city. Buses go to all major cities: Dong Hoi (VND 209,500, 5 hours), Hue (VND 70,000-150,000, 3 hours), Qui Nhon (VND 139,000) and Kon Tum (from VND 200,000, 5 hours), Ho Chi Minh (16 hours), Hanoi (14 hours). In addition, there are international flights – to Cambodia and Laos.

Vietnam has a well-developed railway connection, so you can also get to Da Nang by train. Compositions to Da Nang depart from Hanoi (from 977,500 VND), Ho Chi Minh City (from 820,000 VND) and Nha Trang (from 520,000 VND). The schedule can be viewed at Vietnam Railways website.


Public transport in Da Nang is poorly developed: there are several city bus routes (yellow) that can take you from different parts of the city to the intercity bus station, but they do not make other stops around the city.

A motorcycle taxi is considered an inexpensive and popular mode of transport – approximately VND 50,000-60,000 per trip. An ordinary taxi is more expensive, but more convenient for those who travel in a large company – you can order a car from the hotel. Payment by meter – on average, a trip around the city costs 100,000 VND.

Bike or scooter rental

Renting a bike or scooter in Vietnam is more difficult than, for example, in Thailand – you need to be confident in your ability to drive this vehicle. International driving licenses are not recognized here, getting local ones is quite troublesome, so you will have to travel without them, which is what most tourists do.

If you drive carefully – 30 km / h around the city, and in a helmet, then the police, most likely, will not find fault. But in the event of an accident, the fine for a tourist without a license will be very impressive.

There are rental points near almost every hotel. The rental price is from VND 233,000 per day for a moped with an automatic transmission. For 100,000 VND per day (for a few days – cheaper) you can rent a bike – and this will be the right choice. A deposit, as a rule, is not required – you can show a card of the hotel where you are staying.

Da Nang Hotels

There are plenty of hotels for tourists in Da Nang for any budget: hostels and guesthouses (from 70,000 VND per day), as well as hotels of various “star” ratings. You can rent an apartment here only for a long time – from six months.

If funds allow, it is most convenient to stay in hotels on China Beach: for example, Furama Beach Resort 5 * or Melia Danang 4 *. In general, in Da Nang there are many hotels on the first line near the beaches – there are plenty to choose from. Prices – from 750,000 VND and above. If a tourist is settled for a period longer than a week, they often make a discount.

Of the inexpensive new hotels, Dragon Sea 2 * has good reviews – it is located next to a bus stop, from where you can easily get to the Central Bus Station, and the beach is about 7 minutes on foot. The cost of a double room is from 700,000. VND.

Rent a Car

Renting a car in Da Nang will make life much easier for travelers – it will be much easier to get to the Marble Mountains and other interesting places in the vicinity of the city. But it should be borne in mind that international law does not apply in Vietnam – local ones are needed. Obtaining them is troublesome: it takes at least a month, and, most likely, you will need the help of a local lawyer.

The traffic on the roads is very chaotic, few people follow traffic rules, traffic in the city is mainly created by motorcycles. There are no problems with parking – you can freely leave your car at hotels, beaches and shopping centers. There are rental points at the airport and city center. Toyota Vios with an automatic transmission will cost from 1,000,000 VND per day. Both international companies (Alamo, Budget, Avis, National) and local ones operate in the car rental market in Da Nang.

There is an option to rent a car at a local office and drive at your own risk without a license, trying to understand the Vietnamese driving system, but it is better to rent a car with a driver – the price will not be much higher.

How to Get to Da Nang, Vietnam