Designer Exchange Ann Demeulemeester Back Their Label & Murkudis Leaves Closed

The one closes an impressive chapter and the other as a result of disagreements: Ann Demeulemeester, one of the successful Antwerp 6 designers who in the 80s for rethinking in the fashion industry led and managed, that the small Belgian town and their Academy virtually overnight was appointed the best address of the forging of fashion, leaving her own label after 30 years.

“As a young girl, I dreamed of having a voice in fashion,” she wrote by hand. “I worked hard to realize this dream and now I feel that I accomplished this mission. I have always followed my own path. Her label is now large enough to continue to grow and to go in the future. We let this decision times today the mouth and hard hope that Ann Demeulemeester surprised us soon with a new news. But where else is a designer change – or say we finish.

Yes, kinda wanted to us this news actually the rag go through: after only one year, closed again separates from his acclaimed designer Kostas Murkudis:

“We agreed we ultimately despite all the sympathy and contributions by Kostas on the content”, explains Managing Director of Gordon Giers this decision according to the textile industry. And should provide for fresh air and a more international orientation Murkudis, non? Jap, has everything seemingly is not working, as you so who imagined that – at least the loyal customers of closed was not so confident. Small new changes for the Hamburg-based label was certainly already a radical change we could but not necessarily Kostas Murkudis for closed, find you?

Too bad actually, because Kostas Murkudis has known so much more on it. But perhaps that just also collided with the everyday Favorites label closed.

Images: Ann Demeulemeester press & Kostas Murkudis © Magnus Reed