Columbus, Ohio


The largest city in the US state Ohio in terms of area is also its capital. Columbus was once named after the discoverer of America – today the city is well worth exploring and exploring.

According to campingship, Columbus has a lot to offer that cannot be seen in comparable US metropolises. By the way, not a little of it has to do with good old Germany.

German Quarter, Schiller Park and Oktoberfest

In the early to mid-19th century, many Germans moved across the “pond” to seek their fortune in the emerging United States of America. Many have found it, for example in Columbus. There were at times up to a third of German immigrants. These numbers have changed significantly in the meantime, but the “German Village” has remained. To this day, you not only immerse yourself in the past, but live and experience German cultural heritage and German lifestyle in a very lively manner. Whether in shops or restaurants, whether beer brewed according to the German Purity Law or sausage specialties, it can’t get much more “German” in the USA than in this historic district. This also applies to the romantic park, which was named after the German poet Friedrich von Schiller. The statue that greets the visitor at the entrance is a copy of a Schiller statue, the original of which is in Munich. Speaking of Munich. When it comes to German customs, the Oktoberfest is a must.

Friendly and relaxed

If you are looking for superlatives in Columbus, it will not be easy. This city is not about “higher, more beautiful, further”. Incidentally, this applies to all of Ohio. You get more of this country when you see it as a prime example of the Midwesternway of life. In Columbus, the people are friendly, they are relaxed and they enjoy life. For this they don’t need the deepest gorge or the wildest water. They are “enough” to have attractive leisure activities both indoors and outdoors, which they can use extensively in a pleasant climate. Columbus has clearly defined seasons. Summers are warm to hot and sometimes a bit humid; in winter it is cold and there can be light snowfalls. Extreme weather conditions are the absolute exception.

Good prerequisites for enjoying the city’s excellent gastronomy in peace. Columbus is said to have the largest selection of ice cream parlors in the entire United States (that’s a superlative!) And the restaurant scene alone is worth the trip. Word has got around in America that you can live and work very well in Columbus. The city enjoys great popularity domestically and has significantly more arrivals year after year than people who leave the city. This is not least due to the many students who are preparing for their careers here at Ohio State University. The university also provides another superlative: It has the largest campus in America.

Art, applied arts and nature – what are we doing today?

Columbus has a lively cultural scene, which is revealed to tourists in various galleries, museums and also in the numerous public parks. One of the most interesting of them is Topiary Park (480 East Town Street). Nature and art form an unusual connection here. Trees and bushes have been pruned and shaped so skillfully that they recreate a painting. There the visitor walks through the picture “A Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte” by the French neo-impressionist Georges Seurat in almost three dimensions. If you want to really enjoy it, you should definitely take a closer look at the picture beforehand. Completely unprepared, however, you can visit the Ohio Craft Museum on Fifth Avenue. In addition to permanent exhibitions, there are also constantly changing exhibitions. They cover handcraft traditions as well as the latest design developments. An interesting focus is the – typically American – quilting work.

Time for children

If you are traveling with your family, you have to plan something that is especially suitable for the little ones. This is completely unproblematic in Columbus. There are quite a number of attractions that will delight children and teenagers. The list starts with a zoo with an attached aquarium and does not end with a water theme park (Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park).

Columbus, Ohio