Coco in Clef… The Music Inspired in The Queen of Pearls

We know the before, during and after the fame, we’ve seen Audrey Tatou, Anna Mouglalis or Shirley Maclaine making her, we know his dissolute life, their skirmishes with bit recommended regimens, her lovers (say evil tongues that his nickname was an apocope of Cocotte or maintained), humble beginnings, her love of hats and hatching as great designer.

This has been reflected in films, series, books, advertisements, editorials… missing a musical. And this has finally arrived, singing songs that recreate what was and is the diva of the tweed: Coco Chanel, the musical. So called (or sing) and can currently be seen in Sadler´s Wells Theatre in London.

As the main protagonist, Sara Kestelman, a 67 year-old actress continues the legacy left by Coco. A wonder that makes us want to return to the past and enjoy his work original, starring by Katherine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers, with music by André Previn and whose production he oversaw their own coconut could sound better? With cases like this one would like to return to the past and staying in it.

So we have one more excuse to take heading to London lands and soak us the modernez and the avant-garde of its people and therefore of Chanel and his musical, the lady who for the first time allowed us to dress as gentlemen.

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