Before the trip to the USA 2

Passport and visa
Absolutely no later than 72 hours before your trip to the United States, you must apply for an entry permit. This permit costs $ 14 (May-11). Use the following link:
Or search for “ESTA View waiver program” via your search engine. On the page you will find the heading “Apply for entry permit to the USA” Click on the “button” where it says “Apply”. Read the questions carefully and answer according to the instructions. You need to have your passport and debit card on hand. An approval is usually valid for 2 years or until your passport has expired or for some other reason must be replaced. Your passport must not be broken or cracked anywhere. For more information, visit

Before the trip to the USA

Vaccinations and health
Healthcare in the United States is among the absolute best in the world, but it also costs accordingly. Make sure you have good travel insurance that covers health care in the United States. See what your home insurance covers when traveling to the United States. Additional travel insurance can be ordered through Phoenix. Remember to bring documentation of current travel / health insurance. There is no requirement for vaccination when traveling to the USA, but we recommend that you review your basic protection against diphtheria, polio and tetanus. It can be good with some vaccination, type Havrix, against jaundice or hepatitis A. Feel free to bring a small set of “first aid” with patches, headache tablets, etc. If you have medicines with you, they should be stored in their packaging where it is clear what the medicine is.

Weather and clothing The
United States is a vast country whose seasons and climate can vary greatly between cities. Check the weather forecast before your trip to the United States, you can see daily weather reports at

Currency and exchange
US dollars are available for exchange here in Sweden before departure. Paying by card is not a problem at all in most shops and restaurants, but it can still be good to have some cash with you when you arrive. It is possible to withdraw money from ATMs, but as a rule, an withdrawal fee from your bank of approximately SEK 35 is added. It is an advantage to have a credit card in the USA because, for example, rental car companies and hotels take the card as security. If you only have a regular payment / bank card, the money is instead deducted from the account and then paid back, which can take some time. 100 SEK corresponds to 15 USD (20 / 6-13).

Transport and communications
Long-distance buses run between most, if not all, cities in the United States and are generally comfortable. The same applies to the train network. If you are in a bit more of a hurry to get through the country, there are a plethora of airlines at your service. Renting a car is to discover the country at your own pace is common among travelers traveling to the United States on their own. The landlords are many and the prices are therefore competitive. The vast majority have the requirement that you who rent are over 25 years. You should never rent a car without buying insurance. It can be very very expensive.

Crime in the United States varies greatly from city to city and from neighborhood to neighborhood. It is usually higher in the larger cities. Pickpockets occur at bus terminals, train stations, airports and popular tourist attractions. Illegal taxis, which run without taximeters, are common at airports and train stations. Leave a copy of valuables such as passports and visas in a safe place.

Food and drinks
America consists for the most part of immigrants and this is reflected in the food supply. There are restaurants with food from all corners of the world. In general, the food is of a high quality with first-class ingredients, lots of vegetables and pure meat. Breakfast is rarely included in US hotels. If you buy breakfast at hotels in the big cities, it can cost about 15-35 USD. You can usually get a similar breakfast at a “coffee shop” nearby for a much lower price. The United States is the homeland of fast food. A Mc Donalds meal costs about 4USD and is larger than here at home. That America for the most part consists of immigrants is reflected in the food supply. There are restaurants with food from all corners of the world.

Shopping – gifts
Many people make a trip to the USA for the cheap shopping. Sports equipment is generally significantly cheaper in the United States and there is also a large selection. Many people buy shoes and clothes from various “outlets” outside the big cities. Thanks to the currency, most things are cheaper than here at home in Sweden at the moment.

General and Mixed
Time Difference: There are six different time zones in the United States. New York is 6 hours ahead of us and on the east coast such as San Francisco it is 9 hours apart.
Electricity: In the USA they use: 110/120 volts AC, 60 Hz. A universal adapter that can be bought in Swedish electricity stores is good to have with you.
Tips: Giving tips is expected of most people who work with service. Here are some guidelines: 15% on the restaurant bill is the norm. To the bartender you can add a dollar per drink. If you are staying more than one night in a hotel, feel free to leave a few dollars in the room for cleaning. On the taxi note you can add 10-15%.
Language English.
Travel Insurance: It is recommended to have comprehensive insurance when traveling in the United States.

Before the trip to the USA 2