Barcelona Promotes The Naked in Public? a Shame of Publishing with Iris Strubegger Nude

What is the image that from outside of us? With foreigners that I could speak I found quite a few surprises. But the last thing they could imagine is the editorial it is the V magazine It has pulled out of the manga for its spring 2010 issue, where we see the model IRIS Strubegger nude through the streets of Barcelona.

That would be normal in a fashion editorial. Increasingly they appear naked in all the magazines and the models body is portrayed without clothes in pursuit of a so-called art. Something that is sometimes not understood, because we are talking about fashion, i.e., clothes, i.e., taught by the shift in the editorial shift model, but that’s another story. Here we are left with the image of Barcelona to the outside.

The editorial is titled”Gothic quarter”, one of the Catalan capital’s mythical areas.” And in between we can read:

In Barcelona, public nudity is not accepted, it’s encouraged. Supermodel IRIS Strubegger exercises her right to bare all. Priving skin is always in confidence is always required and that

“I.e., that”Nudism is not only accepted in Barcelona but that promotes”. Can someone explain me that? When in Barcelona has something similar happened? To make matters worse, the uproar that caused the photographs of the country with prostitutes having sex on the market of La Boqueria, in the Gothic district of Barcelona, made to the public authorities to act and generated a debate on the subject of prostitution.

That is the only explanation to this controversial editorial and meaningless, not to say other even stronger adjectives. It is one thing to play with the powerful image of the woman, with the impressive body of IRIS Strubegger and quite another to generate that image abroad as misguided and absurd as the V magazine It has made.

In Barcelona these things and less are not are encouraged to do so. The blunder of this editorial is tremendous.

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