Autauga County, Alabama

According to countryaah, Autauga County, Alabama is located in the central region of the state and borders Chilton, Elmore, Dallas, Lowndes and Montgomery Counties. The county seat is Prattville. Autauga County is mostly rural with a population of just over 55,000 people. It is an agrarian community with a strong agricultural base. The county also has an industrial presence with companies such as Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama and International Paper having operations in the county. Autauga County has an area of 616 square miles and is home to several small towns such as Billingsley, Marbury, Jones Crossroads and Pine Level. These towns offer a variety of amenities including shopping centers, restaurants and recreational activities. The county also has two major lakes – Lake Jordan and Lake Mitchell – which are popular destinations for fishing and boating. In addition to these recreational activities, Autauga County also offers numerous outdoor activities such as camping at Wind Creek State Park or hiking on one of the many trails located in the area.

Demographics of Autauga County, Alabama

Autauga County, Alabama is a diverse and vibrant county with a population of over 55,000 people. The county is made up of a variety of ethnicities including African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. The largest racial group in the county is White Non-Hispanic which makes up nearly 73% of the population. African Americans make up about 23%, Hispanics make up about 2%, and Asians make up about 1%. The median age of residents in Autauga County is 38 years old and the median household income is $59,000.

The educational attainment rate for Autauga County residents 25 years and older is higher than both state and national averages. About 78% of Autauga County adults have at least some college experience while only 68% have a high school diploma or higher. The median value for homes in Autauga County is around $130,000 with most homes being owner-occupied.

The unemployment rate in Autauga County has been steadily decreasing since 2010 when it was at 11%. In 2020 the unemployment rate was 4.6%, lower than both state (5%) and national (6.7%) averages. This decrease can be attributed to the growth of industries such as manufacturing and agriculture which are major employers in the area.

Overall, Autauga County provides its residents with a diverse population, high educational attainment levels, access to quality housing options, and stable employment opportunities that help contribute to its overall quality of life.

Places of Interest in Autauga County, Alabama

Autauga County, Alabama is home to a wide variety of places of interest that are sure to please any visitor. The county is home to Wind Creek State Park which offers camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming activities. For those looking to explore the great outdoors, Autauga County also has multiple trails and parks such as the Autauga Creek National Wildlife Refuge or the Prattville City Park.

The county also boasts two major lakes – Lake Jordan and Lake Mitchell – which are popular destinations for fishing and boating. Visitors can rent boats or take a guided tour of the lake. In addition to these recreational activities, Autauga County also offers numerous outdoor activities such as horseback riding or golfing at one of the many courses in the area.

For those looking for some indoor fun, Autauga County has a variety of shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment venues such as movie theaters and bowling alleys. There are also several historical sites in Autauga County such as Old Cahawba Archaeological Park which is an abandoned town from before the Civil War that visitors can explore.

Overall, Autauga County provides its visitors with plenty of activities for all ages whether they are looking for outdoor adventures or shopping and dining experiences. From its natural beauty to its history and culture there is something for everyone in Autauga County!

Communities in Autauga County, Alabama

Autauga County, Alabama is home to a variety of communities that provide residents with a unique experience. The county is made up of small towns, suburbs and rural areas that are all within close proximity to one another.

The county seat of Autauga County is Prattville which is a charming town with a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s. This city offers residents plenty of amenities and attractions such as shopping, dining and entertainment options. It is also home to the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail and several historic sites including the Prattville Historic District.

The suburbs in Autauga County are comprised mostly of residential neighborhoods with easy access to nearby cities such as Montgomery, Birmingham and Mobile. These areas offer plenty of family-friendly activities such as parks, golf courses, trails, shopping centers and more.

The rural areas in Autauga County are largely agricultural but they also provide plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities such as camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Some rural areas also have historic sites including cemeteries or plantations that visitors can explore.

Overall, Autauga County provides its residents with diverse communities that each offer something unique for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an urban lifestyle or prefer living in a rural area there is something for everyone in Autauga County!

Notable People of Autauga County, Alabama

Autauga County, Alabama is home to many notable people who have made a lasting impact on the area. From politicians and activists to athletes and entertainers, these individuals have all contributed in some way to the history and culture of the county.

One of the most influential figures in Autauga County was Rosa Parks, an activist who is best known for her role in the Civil Rights Movement. She lived in Montgomery for much of her life and would often visit Autauga County as well. Her legacy continues to inspire people today and remind them of the importance of standing up for what is right.

The county also has a strong tradition of athletics with several notable athletes from Autauga County including professional football players such as Terry Beasley and Antonio Langham, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Rowdy Gaines, and professional baseball player David Robertson.

In addition to athletes, Autauga County has also produced numerous entertainers including country music stars such as Jimmy Buffett, Emmy award-winning actress Sela Ward, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter John Prine, actor/comedian Chris Rock, and Academy Award-nominated director William Wyler.

Overall, Autauga County has a long list of notable people who have all left their mark on the area in some way or another. From activists to entertainers these individuals represent the diversity and innovation that makes this county unique!

Bordering States of Alabama

According to abbreviationfinder, Alabama is bordered by four states: Georgia to the east, Tennessee to the north, Mississippi to the west, and Florida to the south. The state of Georgia is located directly east of Alabama and shares a lengthy border with it. This border measures about 463 miles in length, extending from the northernmost point of Georgia at Dade-Walker County line to the Gulf of Mexico at Choctawhatchee Bay. The state of Tennessee is located directly north of Alabama and its border with Alabama measures about 287 miles in length. It begins at Nickajack Lake on the western border and extends eastward along a series of rivers until it reaches its easternmost point at Whitesburg Bridge over the Tennessee River. To the west, Mississippi lies directly across from Alabama’s western border and measures approximately 190 miles in length. It starts at Pickwick Lake on its easternmost point and ends near Pascagoula Bay on its westernmost point. Finally, Florida lies across Alabama’s southern border and stretches for approximately 137 miles in length, beginning near Fort Deposit on Perdido River and ending at Perdido Key near Pensacola Bay.

Autauga County, Alabama