4 Ways To Carry A 70s Blouse

The 1970s accompanied us more than ever. This trend is a Saga Falabella favourite as my own because it is very bucket-racker, sexy, relaxed and combines neutral colours that play nicely with other colors.

4 Ways To Carry A 70s Blouse

The iconic 1970s clothing is the bare shoulders, wide sleeves or frilly blouse. I chose this stamped Sybilla blouse to assemble 4 looks at base to it so they can see the versatility that is.

Look 1: 70´S All The Way

If you want to build a 100% seventies look, combine this bodice with a skirt of denim in A. Dale country flair to the outfit with a beige boots and used some portfolio of fringes.

Look 2: Maxi

This dress is Basement and got it two years ago, is one of my favorites, and this time I decided to give a new twist by using this blouse top. It gives another wave, it seems a completely different dress. I used this small Burgundy-colored portfolio to give it some color to the result.

Look 3: Night Out

If you want to use this evening blouse, I recommend you use a black skirt, a stiletto heel and a jacket type leather never missing Sybilla. The good thing of having basic garments in the closet is that he lets you use any garment stamped like the led.

Look 4: Casual Chic

Waist jeans, white sneakers and a medium portfolio will be the best supplements to use this type of loose-fitting blouses. If you want to show the shoulders, only a little pulling her blouse down and ready. You will have a fresh look.

As you can see, a blouse loose as this can be used in different looks. What are you waiting for? Buy 70s blouses from InternetAges to assemble 4 looks based on a single garment.

It is funny to do it and we found many good results!