Beckham Returns to Change The Look

David Beckham has decided to surprise with a new change of look. If a few days ago I taught her, already penultimate, change of image, yesterday surprised with a new haircut and a new color. English, which has been dyed hair of Platinum blonde, you already have a nickname by teammates, ‘the new Cañizares’, strong > the Valencia goalkeeper. And it is that that they seem, truth, although English is much better. Continue reading Beckham Returns to Change The Look

Walt Disney Launches a Collection of Wedding Dresses

If the illusion of your life is to marry a Princess, your dream can be already made reality with the line of wedding dresses that the company offers Walt Disney, existing in based on their popular fairy tales. The designs, inspired by the popular princesses of Cinderella o The sleeping beauty, they are part of this new collection featuring a total of 34 models, designed by designer Kristie Kelly. Continue reading Walt Disney Launches a Collection of Wedding Dresses

Prada Party in Valencia

Glamour, elegance, luxury…all these adjectives are used to describe the party organized Prada in Valencia as a welcome to the America’s Cup. The luxury brand, which sponsors the Italian team Luna Rossa, rented an emblematic space of the city, the Central market, to celebrate one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. The beginning of the Louis Vuitton Cup, prelude of the Sail America Cup, It gave the starting gun in the framework of an evening organized by the Italian firm. Continue reading Prada Party in Valencia

Rossy De Palma Brightens Up The Day to Handle and Bloggers

Tiny two-day videos from the brands that we carry. On one side of the ring Loewe, K.O. of combat after a day to forget, on other side of Zara and his conquest of New York with taste. And now comes the third mark on the race: Mango with Rossy de Palma along with three of the best-known bloggers from fashion in the street. This level of daily epic is hard to beat. Continue reading Rossy De Palma Brightens Up The Day to Handle and Bloggers

Gisele Bundchen Will Perform in Code Da Vinci

It is perfectly normal that the models start as such and then penetrate the world of the cinema, theatre, design and others. Even the reverse situation occurs with unusual frequency, Madonna for H & M, Penélope for Mango or the multifascetica mile. This time the statuesque Brazilian model will be who will make his appearance in the film in the hands of one of best sellers of the moment. Continue reading Gisele Bundchen Will Perform in Code Da Vinci

Gwyneth Paltrow in Gold for Freixenet.

The brand Catalan Freixenet every year surprises us with a spectacular and very well Curro ads for the holiday season. It is impossible to forget to Paz Vega, Pierce Brosnan or the gorgeous Demi Moore in the maxianuncios of cava are always filled with a strict sense of glamour and sophistication. Continue reading Gwyneth Paltrow in Gold for Freixenet.

News in Fashion World

How can you celebrate your 30th birthday better than with a new, packed edition of Lifestyle Sunday? Not really, right? Therefore, I also let you participate in all sorts of stylish fashion items, fancy sneakers, practical accessories and gadgets. And what happened to me the week just so so over the way. Everything sorted neatly and compiled in Lifestyle Sunday # 110. Have fun!

Continue reading News in Fashion World

How to Combine a Striped Shirt

The fashion of stripes is raging this year: we see them in skirts, pants and shirts. This print is not always easy to know how to combine it, so in a way as we have prepared this article in which we show you some of the best looks you can create with a striped shirt. Continue reading How to Combine a Striped Shirt

Winter Look

When I think of the first winter colors that come to me the head are olive green, Brown, black, lead-grey, burgundy and violet, but the truth is that these shades represent very well this season, but are not a rule for those who want to dress well in times of cold. The look of this week we have a good example of how only with marine (navy) and white you can create a visual landmark nautical to face the winter.

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