How to Wear White Shirts

Great for casual outfits, elegant and perfect in the office, the white shirt is a versatile garment that provides the ability to combine it in hundreds of different ways.

An ever-present in the wardrobe of a woman’s garment: the white shirt is versatile and lends itself well to various outfits from the sporty to the more casual and perfect for spending an evening with friends. A white shirt is able to save more than one occasion. The white shirt can be of various types: cotton, elastic, with straight cut or screwed with more or less simple features. Ideal to match with all versions are the cotton or silk.

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How to Wear a Miniskirt


Fashion, you know, knows no boundaries and there are many styles that we can use to experience the pleasant feeling of always being fashion and glamor for every occasion more varied. The imagination to combine the right clothes to each other must be, however, more consistent with the occasion of the outfit and, let’s face it without fear, with your mood and you know how wonderfully the latter can also mutate in the same day !

in this guide we will deal with how to wear a miniskirt, namely the long skirt that reaches to the ankles, a piece of clothing that, without any doubt, is the element protagonist of the outfit, with various models that you can find, such as the adherent, wheel or other forms. Let us see how to wear it to the fullest. Continue reading How to Wear a Miniskirt

Remember the Vest?

Retrieved vests mom or grandmother, and wear them as they could because they reconfirmed a must during Fashion Week f / w 2014 and you will see for much longer.

Yes, that head so hated and so loved by all of us, that “I buy it, but then he never put”, what”but what you are? Does not heat even!”, One that ” is not a jacket … and then what?” , In short, the infamous waistcoat is back in the limelight and will conquer the hearts of even the most skeptical.

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Outdoor Sports Clothing Buying Guide

Clothing varies depending on the excursion and the season. Buying shoes, backpack and, above all, the right clothing needs special attention.

The solution for informal attire is called “onion”, which means choosing many thin layers rather than short and heavy.

The first layer stays warm and dry.

The first layer should keep you warm and dry. It is advisable to wear underwear that is soft and lightweight, for example heads made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, which do not absorb moisture and dry quickly. In combination with synthetic ones are also used natural fibers, in particular merino wool, which transmit the moisture to the next layer where it evaporates. This system prevents the body’s surface to cool.

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How to Choose Men’s Swimwear

Currently, men are more concerned with being fashionable. Formerly there almost does not exist search about article in fashion for men’s area, but now each year the searches for articles of men fashion are increasing a lot.

A sought-after item for men is the male thong, indispensable item so men can enjoy a beach or a pool. For you who seek to stay more comfortable and get a nice Tan, the speedo is a great option. Since many men wear shorts, but them end up being “heavy” with water, so the male swimwear is the best option if you are going to a pool too, so you’ll have more free movements to be able to swim.

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Elie Saab Evening Dresses

Elie Saab, with its seductive and sophisticated collection, has walked the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week, fashion week French come to closure earlier today. Were so many brands that have paraded these days presenting those women’s fashion trends for fall winter 2012 2013 and Elie Saab, one of the designers most loved by celebrities who like to show off his evening gowns on the red carpet, could not miss the call. And, to conclude this fashion week with a flourish, what better way to admire the new creations of fashion designer?

Elie Saab was the icing on the cake of a day full of great fashion. This morning, in fact, Marc Jacobs introduced us to his new collection for Louis Vuitton, inspired by the Orient Express while, recently, Miuccia Prada has unveiled the sensational accessories and clothing designed for Miu Miu, the more youthful brand of designer. Continue reading Elie Saab Evening Dresses

Newcastle United Jersey 1996

Today, for the ‘Vintage’ Friday, I’d like your opinion on the away Jersey 1996-97 season for Newcastle. I’m asking you because I, in almost 20 years, I still have not figured out how to put this sports jersey produced by

It is to be considered as one of the best classics of the first decade of the English Premier League or is only one of the typical seventies style and colour drifts 90 less successful?

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How to Wear Short Jumpsuit

If you like the jumpsuit, surely you have already done a good supply of models to show off this summer and in the suits effects are one of the must-have this season and heads of the proposals that fashion brands have entered in their summer collections do nothing only increase our desire for shopping.

In the summer, however, it is better to put aside long jumpsuit and pull out of the closet than short ones, more suited to summer because fresh and more practical.

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How to Wear a Hat to a Wedding

The ceremonial hats are becoming a ubiquitous accessory for stylish look and refined, following the example given by the British nobility. In fact, thanks to two royal weddings we have seen very many, some chic, others a little ‘less, many perfectly matched outfit chosen and others decidedly out of place. From the marriage of William and Kate Middletonto the most events glamor which has the most important VIPs, it’s really hard not to notice this fundamental accessory that is often not combined in the right way. If you also do not wait to sfoggiarne one, here are some small tips on how to choose and wear the ceremonial hats Continue reading How to Wear a Hat to a Wedding

Body Harness Chains

Get out of your winter sweaters! If it is warmer outside, you can finally lightly clad touring the area. Here you can spice simple tops and dresses with a harness of delicate chains. So a body chain can be bought, or readily prepared from chains and rings themselves.

My chains are originally actually once been a belly dancing jewelry, a souvenir from a holiday in Turkey. Namely, since also come the embellishments like the coins and plates on her harness. The jewelry has served me in the past, quite a few times as “spare parts warehouse” and now lives again on a homemade Harness with boho flair! In hardware store or jewelry craft store you can find the ingredients for your own body jewelry as well.

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Types of Women’s Shoes

Summer is here, aveta fancy a more fresh and light look, but do not know what shoes to choose? Here are the most glamorous and trendy models of the season, from sandals with high heels to the espadrilles!

Summer is here and it’s time to find his feet. After being “forced” all year round in lace, cleavage, ballet flats and boots, now is the time to get them to “breathe” with sandals, mules and clogs.

The rules to be glamorous and trendy are only two: show off a perfect pedicure and choose the right shoes! As? Read here: we have selected for you the hottest of summer 2015.

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How Much Maternity Clothes Do I Need

I have long wondered whether I How much maternity clothes you really need? Not on my other blog  to publish because it after all comes to fashion and pregnancy. But then I have chosen not to me, because it is rather a question here that one really needs not so much Maternity, as believed at the beginning of pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I really thought I could virtually banish everything out of the closet and takes stock up again. Now in the third I can say: Fewer parts, but quality is perfectly adequate if you cleverly combined. I once at the maternity jackets of Bestaah browsed because there all categories are covered to underwear and swimwear and equating has several brands to choose from.

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